LEGO Reviews

We love reviews. Not your classic LEGO reviews of what is in the box.  More a photographic unboxing and creative exploration taking a set to personal creative new heights.
Analyze it with a photographer’s eye.
Unpack it and put at the center of our lens and our imagination.
Add our own “stuck in plastic” twist to it.
LEGO Reviews turned it into a beautiful image.

Here is a smaller collection of the reviews we did so far (in random order, for now, all posts tagged reviews can be found here in chronological order).
Some of the sets were provided by TLG, and others were just purchased by us because we love LEGO.

Vintage LEGO (including Fabuland)

700 – A classic

LEGO Star Wars

75154 – Designing weird
75153 – The walker


42056 – Porsche 911
21307 – Caterham Seven
10252 – Das Auto
8860 – Car Chassis

LEGO Ideas

21304 – Tardis (Doctor Who)
21307 – Caterham Seven
21127 – Minecraft
21312 – Women of NASA
21309 – Apollo Saturn V
21310 – The Old Fishing Store

LEGO Minifigures

CMD1 – The Disney Series
CMB1 – The Batman Minifigure Series – Part One and Two.
CM16 – Series 16
CM17 – Series 17
CMB2 – The Batman Minifigure Series Two. Part One and Part Two.

LEGO Minecraft

21128 – The Village
21127 – Minecraft Forrest

LEGO Ninjago

70620 – Ninjago City.

LEGO Elves (or should we say dragons)

41172 – The Water Dragon Adventure
41175 – Fire Dragon’s Lava Cave
41179 – Queen Dragon’s Rescue

LEGO Creator Expert

10252 – Das Auto
10243 – Chez Albert

LEGO Architecture

21034 – London

All posts tagged reviews can be found here in chronological order.