Rumours confirmed: Ninjago Models are everywhere

Rumors confirmed.

The rumors are now confirmed. Most of the Ninjago models have made it to their final destinations and the reviews are pouring in. The Ninjago models continue to be tight lipped on where they have been since they originally left our Studio here in Sweden. We will most probably never know. Rumors have it they all joined a massive after party with the crew that is putting the final touches to the Ninjago Movie, coming to a theatre near you in  September. Here is what our reporters have to report.

Cole, Richmond, Virginia, US.

Our reporter, Stalwart Paragon reports.

Cole made it to the United States in Richmond, Virginia on Wednesday and man was he a grump! His boombox was out of boom. His hair looked like he traveled across the Atlantic in an envelope.  And his favorite shirt was all wrinkled. The Stalwart_Paragon photo studio sent him straight to the dressing room to get cleaned up for the upcoming AC/DC world tour and that’s when we saw the truth about grumpy old Cole.

Grumpy Old Cole. The truth revealed.
That stiff upper lip and hard as a rock attitude is easy to keep up until you’re all alone. Looking in the mirror we found out he isn’t so Cole-hearted after all. We got him some new batteries for his tunes and he’s out back in black waiting for the Ninjago movie to come out.
And there was more music news, this time from the UK scene.

Gong on stage.

On Stage
“Gong” finally take the stage! Amid the chants of a restless crowd, the iconic Japanese rock band appears from the backstage area! Their trademark neglect for punctuality epitomized by the superstar lead guitarist. He calmly walks up to his awaiting guitar, and what follows is nothing short of a blistering, breath taking, high octane adrenaline rush! Unleashing the full potential of the six stringed axe with a gritty but intensely powerful vocal performance leaves everybody’s ears ringing well beyond the next day!

Reporter notes.

Our reporter Matt Nye observes. This is probably my personal favorite Minifigure from the series. Inspired by nearly every 80’s rock band, he is the edgiest rocker we’ve seen in the CMF range. No new parts, but the re-coloured hair/hairband piece last seen on the Series 7 hippy is welcome! The guitar is the 3rd incarnation of this shape but with a new design keeping it fresh. I love the clothing he has. Ripped black trousers with white high top sneakers looking very 80’s. His  vest top looks the part with its rips, coupled with a skull design and Japanese (?) logo. A nice touch is the dragon tattoo on his left arm which completes the look. Im definitely looking forward to seeing what role he plays in the upcoming movie!


Editors Note

For now, this concludes our first initial reporting on the new Ninjago series. We still have a few models that have not checked in, and once we hear more from them we will off-course update this story. The Ninjago CFM sets are available in toy store next to you. The LEGO group provided the models for this review, but in no way influenced the creative outlet of our reporters.

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6 years ago

Definitely these guys rock! I have to admit I really hesitated with both of them when Boris asked me. The photos of both of you make me feel impatient about getting my hands on them :-)

6 years ago

I’m relieved that the minifigs are starting to show up at their destinations! I was getting a little worried about them :-) Great shots of both of them!

6 years ago
Reply to  Lynn

Lynn, indeed. We were also very worried, but they must have thrown a party on the road. We just got word from Jake in the US he also got a package today … so more goodness to come.

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