Breaking News: LEGO Ninjago Models Mysterious Disappear

BREAKING NEWS: We update this story as it develops.

We just got breaking news (we can’t say if it is fake, alternative or just plain plastic) but a yet to be identified woman wearing a name badge with the name Koko imprinted was seen in panic mode tweeting inside the detective’s office while gesticulating about top models, raw fish and other breaking news, making the brickies of our little town stop outside the detective office and look up.  

A mysterious lady with the name badge of Koko can be seen inside the detective office tweeting about.

As we mentioned in Gone Fishin something seriously seems to have gone wrong with our models.

What we know so far.

Update One. Twelve individual packages have been shipped around the globe with the first sighting in the Island of Britain. While the package received at the doorsteps of Ian (the final destination) did contain some of the hallmarks of the SiP shipping, like the original handwriting of yours truly, the actual package and content were switched “en route”.

The package Ian received contained +100 rooster feathers (a direct reference to Master Wu and his Kellogs ?), but had no sign of our plastic models:

100 feathers or one Mister Wu ?

We keep you posted on this developing story, and why our plastic models took this elaborate postal scam. To be continued.

Feather Update: The mysterious feathers of Ian reached their final destination. A small Swedish Startup, listening to name Featherly Hair. Curious if they will include LEGO in their art work.

Update Two. The second package has arrived on the doorsteps of a most famous Parisian restaurant, where a photographer by the name of Ballou34 managed to get a quick shot of the same mysterious lady with the name tag of Koko exiting a restaurant under low light conditions. While enhancing the image a mysterious Ninja can be seen in the background …

Update Three. Additional sightings in Paris have been seen of this mysterious Ninja. Here is an image provided by Julien showing the infamous NPOP shopping on Rue de Passy with our Ninja in the background.

Random strangers on the street are impacted when taking selfies. If your selfies got interrupted by this strange Ninja, then do tag them with our breaking news tag #SIPgoneFishin

Selfie tourists in Paris are impacted …

Update Four. The third package seems to have been spotted around the Arctic circle in Finland with a white haired and blue eyed individual acting weird in the Finnish woods.

It is unclear if this individual listening to the name Sane (or was it Zane) is a good or a bad guy, but we seem to know he likes camping and his granny likes Pacman and space invaders and made him an awesome handmade vest. Priceless.

Don’t we all love our grannies ?
Marshmallows. Or missing models?

While this story continues to break we keep you posted on the missing NINJAGO models. In the meantime, you can create your own adventures as the models are available as of today in a toy store near you …



PS. This last minute creative collab just happened to be because our royal postman seems to have gone fishing … stay tuned.

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6 years ago

Seriously..- still can’t believe Ian ACTUALLY did receive those rooster feathers… We’ve all heard of letters by people long gone by or letters that brought siblings or lovers back together after the mailman rang twice after decades but this is definitely a story I’ll remember years from now. So glad that his figure finally showed up. Still waiting on mine though and still hoping I’m not getting some..fetish goods..sent to me before.

6 years ago

This is a very interesting story. I keep checking back to see what will happen next :-) I hope all the models make to their destinations eventually!


6 years ago
Reply to  Lynn

We received news from another location. A new post should arrive in the next couple of days. ;-)

6 years ago

It makes me think that I should finish my computer science lab MOC when I’ll go back to building with LEGO this winter… Zane in his nerdy attire would feel perfectly well at home there, alongside the CMF computer programmer…

On a completely different topic, maybe the person who has received the Ninjago minifigs will find it’s even weirder toys than feathers :’D

6 years ago

It was great to see them finally arrive (sorry Stefan. I hope you’ll receive yours soon). They are great minifigures with great accessories. I really like the scarf on Jay and Koko’s purse. I wish those minifigures had two expressions. Too bad. Now, I need to get my hand on more. :-)

Ian Cockayne
6 years ago

I guess if a non-toy photographer received Lego minifigures in the post unannounced, that might seem pretty random @Maëlick. Fortunately, my minifigures arrived safe and sound despite the lack of stamps. I have sent the feathers (presumably for making fishing lures) back to their original destination with a little note attached, I will let everyone know if I get a response, it would be nice to know that the universe is set back to rights. I hope that you get your minifigures soon Stefan; I think if you are ever sent minifigures in the future, the packaging should be labelled… Read more »

6 years ago
Reply to  Ian Cockayne

Guessing there’s no escaping from that now, is there? ;-)

6 years ago

We have updated the story with the latest and greatest information on the final destination of the feathers. Thanks, Ian.

Feather Update: The mysterious feathers of Ian reached their final destination. A small Swedish Startup, listening to name Featherly Hair. Curious if they will include LEGO in their art work.

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