Where Is Anton

A must have iconic set.

When LEGO revealed the LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store on the first night of the RLFM days, we knew we had just laid our eyes on a most gorgeous, iconic set. A collector’s item in the making.
Most probably one of the best sets of 2017.
A toy photographers dream.
A must have.

The RLFM Days

So, when we met with the LEGO ideas team the next day for our 30 minutes fame with the LEGO ideas developers (real journalists call it an interview, but we are creative photographers), we were happily surprised to meet Robert Bontenbal, the original fan designer side by side with the in-house LEGO Ideas team.


From left to right. Our reporter of the day, Stefan. Robert, the original designer, and the LEGO Ideas team. Hasan, Adam, Tara and Lisa.

We discussed a variety of subjects in the 30 minutes we had together, ranging from everyone’s favorite set over the LEGO flower challenge (more on that later) to the Saturn V which kind of dominated the room.

The Sea Village

Sea Front Village
Robert’s Complete Sea Village – All Rights Reserved by Robert.

And then there was Robert.
A warm-hearted Dutchman, who has a passion for LEGO.
A passionate designer who build his own Sea Village of which the Old Fishing Store was part of. If you want to see the full village, have a look at Robert’s Flickr page.
Robert shared with us how his village is an evolving project, and told us how the Old Fishing Store was created.
First, there was a mood book to collect some initial sketches and the colors. Colors are key to get the mood right, according to Robert and we could not agree more.
Then there is the whole process of designing the house in CAD.
And finally, the actual brick building process starts.
From ideation to final build took six months.
Talk about a project.

And when you look at Anton’s Old Fishing Store, that was six months well spent.

Thanks, Robert!

Julien exploring the creative possibilities of Anton’s Fishing House
Where is Anton going ?

Your Own Signed Copy

If you want to get the chance to meet Anton’s godfather in person and get a signed copy of the Old Fishing Store, then now is your chance.

Robert and Anton are taking a tour around Europe and will be signing your exclusive copy ahead of everyone else this week in London, Paris, Berlin, and Copenhagen.

Here are the exact dates and times:

24 August, Leicester Square – 1pm – 4pm
25 August, Paris Les Halles – 1pm – 4pm
26 August, Berlin – 10am – 1pm
27 August, Copenhagen – 12am – 3pm

Where Is Anton

Now, that is not all.
The great folks at LEGO asked us to get you all participate in the fun and show Anton (The Good Old Fisherman) your place of the world and have the chance of winning a full set of, yes, the LEGO Old Fishing House, but more details on that later this week.
For now, if you go and meet Robert and Anton, don’t forget to tag your images with #whereisanton and start thinking where you would want to take Anton to.

Let us know in the comments below and we may have a (limited) surprise for you.

Gone Fishin ?!? Is this where our Ninjago friends have been hanging out.

Gone Fishin

When Kim (the LEGO one) told us he sent us a box full of Ninjago Awesomeness to creatively review in the middle of our summer holidays, we were excited. The box full of new and unreleased minifigures would reach us only a few days before we returned from our Italian adventure, so with some luck we could score some great creative minds and get the reviews out just in time before the release on August 1st. And so we got in touch with you on Instagram and we got our models shipped out, but they seem to have gone fishin. Continue reading “Gone Fishin”



The word holiday comes from the Old English word hāligdæg (hālig “holy” + dæg “day”). The word originally referred only to special religious days. Today it means any special day of rest or relaxation, as opposed to normal days away from work or school.

In Sweden, we just finished the Midsummer celebrations, and in the Northern hemisphere most people are looking forward to a smaller summer break, also called summer holidays. At least in the Commonwealth nations, while the US may just call it a vacation – although today is a holiday. Happy 4th July !).

A new month. A new word. A new challenge. And the first half of the year completed. Continue reading “Holidays”

Wonder Woman’s Lipstick

This month’s word is craftsmanship and the crew is having some great discussions behind the screen on where to take the craftsmanship.

Lipstick and the Healing Brush

When selecting this month’s word one of the influences came from Maelick comment or should I say “ask” in one of the social channels on how much you clean up your images, and I can tell you it is one of my basic skills I almost always apply. I use the lipstick to clean up the major flaws of LEGO prints, dust and the non-authentic scars of age. I do post correct, and I can tell you, the one single reason why I cannot abandon Adobe Photoshop for just Lightroom is the magic properties of the Healing Brush and it’s Hogwarts magical properties of healing. It is subtle, yet so amazingly powerful. Continue reading “Wonder Woman’s Lipstick”


noun, mastering the craft of the lightsaber 
the new word of this month

Not Battlestar Galactica.
No RMS Titanic.
No Enterprise NX-001.
No Death Star.
No Black Pearl.
Just a ship called Craft. Craftmanship.

There are plenty of discussion on the internet exploring if photography is an art or a craft, but we like to stay far away from that one (at least for today).

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The 5th month of the year (read May) is halfway and we have not introduced our next word in this series of twelve. One could argue that it is all about priorities, and indeed we are juggling with a lot of different ones at the same time. Researching the upcoming RLFM days later this month (only 13 nights to go), getting a non plastic photoshoot finished (yes, some of us shoot other things as just plastic) and off course the day to day priorities of work and live balance we all have outside of our passion for plastic. There are only twenty four hours in a day, and seven of those in a week. And I did not shoot any plastic in the last fortnight. Continue reading “Numbers”


Remember our word of March?
Don’t worry if you forgot.
It was Projects.
Projects tend to have a deadline, and I talked about that one as well, especially since I missed that deadline. Now deadlines are nothing more as a line in the sand, a date to work to. Critical. But not the most important. What is even more important for a project is the actual deliverable.
The finished product.
The creative outcome.
The final image. Continue reading “Remember”