Gone Fishin

When Kim (the LEGO one) told us he sent us a box full of Ninjago Awesomeness to creatively review in the middle of our summer holidays, we were excited. The box full of new and unreleased minifigures would reach us only a few days before we returned from our Italian adventure, so with some luck we could score some great creative minds and get the reviews out just in time before the release on August 1st. And so we got in touch with you on Instagram and we got our models shipped out, but they seem to have gone fishin.

We shipped last week Friday.
More than a week ago.
With our royal carrier of choice, PostNord.
Twelve parcels all around the globe.
So far only one has arrived (last night).
They others have gone fishin’

We don’t know where our models are hanging out, but obviously, we have found our hashtag for this review, #SIPgonefishin instead of #SIPgoesNinjago . We do hope they will show up in a mailbox near our photographers pretty soon and we can share their awesome outcome with you …

Now, we do have some early photography stats for you based on the interest of shooting the minifigs.

Most series have a few favorites. After the top three, the rest normally get an even spread.  With the Ninjago ones we really got a much bigger divide. We even had one figure who did not get any vote. (While he had the camera and looks like a street photographer or a journalist from the fifties)

Out of the plus 50 votes, we got off our creative photographers, Jay Selfie Stick is the number one.
Number two is NPOP.
Surprise, surprise, we had a large group of folks who wanted to be surprised (pun intended). And yes, they were just like me not that close to the Ninjago adventures.

Gone Fishing
And of course, we have to try cornflakes with our sushi … something new TLG is introducing here. Sushi with Cornflakes …

I can’t wait for our models to finally show up in the next few days at their final destination. I for sure will go and look at the Ninjago Movie on a rainy summer day …


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6 years ago

I’m still waiting for my new mini buddies myself. And I do believe it takes some kind of superpowers to turn a disappointment over delayed delivery into a great teaser for a review. But that’s what it is! Well done, Superboris! Longing for the letter even more now…

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