A Non-Belgian living in Hamburg, Germany. Curiosity-driven and mostly to be found on tiny adventures and great journeys.

The Road To Skærbæk

A SIP SUMMER PROJECT 2023 What is this about? Some of you may or may not have heard, that every year in late September there is gathering of AFOLs in a small town (village?) called Skærbæk, located on the southern west coast of Denmark. People come traveling from literally almost all parts of the world …

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Welcome to week 28 This week’s theme is *Car*. Oh my, that’s a very technical (mechanical?) topic, isn’t it? But wait, it’s also one about beautiful shapes and ultimate colours. Which car will you choose to photograph? A sportscar? A convertible, just so fine for the summer? Or will you snap a station waggon or …

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TGIF – Summer

Welcome to week 27 This weekend is all about SUMMER. We’re looking forward to seeing images of your plans for this summer. Are you going on vacation? Travelling by car, plane, train, bicycle or will you simply be stretching out a thumb? Or will you stay at home? Maybe you have to work while all …

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TGIF23 – Air

Week16 Hey there, it’s Stefan. I know, long time no read… I’m still hoping you’ll stick with me for this week’s TGIF. Are you ready? There’s just one word: AIR Hmmm, let’s see what comes to mind first. How do you capture AIR? The most obvious thing for me is the musical masterpiece by J.S.Bach …

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Welcome To The Office

A Treasure Chest For Toy Photographers And welcome to Scranton, Pennsylvania. The LEGO Group has just released a new set (among many, many others that is). The one I’m writing about is 21336 The Office. It is based on a TV series (like 21319 Friends Central Perk Café, 21328 Seinfeld or 10291 Queer Eye Loft).  …

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Remember June?

Time Passed Us By At The Speed Of An Italian Super Sportscar Holy moly, where did time go? I had closed my eyes for what felt like a nap and BOOM, soon July will be a wrap. Seems like there’s no time to waste but let’s look back at June’s TGIF missions and your entries. …

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