Across the Ninjago Madness of the last few days, one can easily loose focus. And that is what this month’s word is all about. Focus. A new month. And a new word in our series of words this year.

A definition.

So, what does focus actually means? According to Merry, focus is a point of convergence of a beam of particles. Ouch.
That did not really help.
A convergence of beans.

Looking at Merry’s extended description things are not getting easier (*):  “… a point at which rays of light converge or from which they diverge or appear to diverge; specifically:  the point where the geometrical lines or their prolongations conforming to the rays diverging from or converging toward another point …”

Hmmm. I give up.
Such an easy word yet it has such a complex definition.


Our brain-cells register instantly when a picture center is out of focus.
It is not sharp.
We instantly disconnect and look for a different focal point.
Refocus and grasp the message, or walk away.

Having an image in focus is the very first step of taking pictures.
At the same time, it opens a box of questions and a world of opportunities.
A world of bending light.
A world of finding different convergence points.
Create an alternate message.
Put the viewer on a different track.

Because what should be in focus?

Re-focus on what really matters.
Focus on the story you want to tell.

Those who know me will know I care a lot about the focus of the eye. When the dominant eye of my subject is out of focus I disconnect easily, and before you know I walk away.
I take tons of pictures of my models and if the eye is not right, I reshoot until I get it right or never come to publish it.
Abandon it on the pile of unfinished projects.


Yet sometimes I ignore the eye.
And focus to tell a different story.

The focus is not on the eye of the Alien, and therefore the whole story changes. He becomes a silent intruder in our peaceful biotope, friend or foe, only time will tell. Will he pick the flower, or just celebrate its beauty …

This Months Focus.

And that is what this month is about.
Concentrate on what matters in the image.
Use the focal plane to advance the story.
Put the attention where you want the story to be.

A simple challenge, while I leave my good friends with the other summer holiday challenge of finishing their book.
Only a month to go until we meet in Scotland.
But that is a different kind of focus.

For now, I distract them with this simple focus challenge.
To create an image where the focus has been altered to tell a different story.
Re-focus and pivot the attention.


(*) PS. Good old Wiki is equally as difficult as Merry.

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6 years ago

I also don’t like when I miss the focus on the eye(s)/face of my subject, but then reshooting depends of the importance of the photo too. At first thought I’d say that if I’m sufficiently satisfied with the rest of the image, then I could post it online if I know I’ll never print it large… But actually I’m not sure it happened a lot in the past 3 years.

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