30 Seconds of Listening

When Natasja posted this weeks challenge on our Discord last Monday, I was excite to join in. Challenge accepted and music to my ears, but wait! With so many songs and incredible artists producing album cover art and lyrics that resonate, just how does one choose? And what kind of sound or lyric do you choose, I know Jenn and Chris love guitars.

The Vidiyo Challenge

The challenge was based around using the LEGO Vidiyo Mini figures in the form of your favourite album cover. Then to pick a sentence from your favourite song lyric and then combine Natasja’s chosen colour (a bluish green or dark turquoise) into your artwork.

With the LEGO Vidiyo sets being announced they will be discontinued, this was a perfect way to pay tribute to these augmented reality music makers. Saying this, LEGO will continue to support the app experience for another two years, and perhaps you may even see them pop up again during our workshops in future, just like we did in the winter workshop when we rocked them for 30 seconds and last week Boris wondered if Video killed the Radio Star in a story of Forbidden Love.

Put the Needle on the Record and Lets Dance

Art and the Sound of Music

Music is the form of art that uses sound to organise time and entertainment in a way people like. Music also unites the photographic art form of images. This type of artwork, musical artists present as an illustration or photograph on the outside of a published product such as an album cover or CD.

I can remember standing for hours in the record shop just flipping through the album covers and when one caught my eye it would intrigue me to want to know what songs were on the record. Sometimes I would buy the album just to have the artwork.

It’s Friday, I’m in Love

Friday arrived and the artwork began to appear on our Stuck In Plastic Instagram using the dedicated hashtag and they did not disappoint. Album covers can be subjective, they are a visual representation of an artist and usually the first images that listeners will see when they pick up an album. That being say, with streaming music these day, we don’t always see the cover art before listening to the track for about 30 seconds, we then make decisions if we like a song or the artist before downloading and playing the whole track.

Representing the artist we were instructed to use the LEGO Vidiyo mini figures and expand the SiP Band of creatives. Everyone has done a wonderful job, I recognised all the covers and all the bandmates who have taken part, you have certainly rocked this weeks theme. And Natasja, thank you for hosting such an outstanding live stream, you certainly deserve a Grammy Award.

A Selection of amazing Cover Art by different world wide Artists.
Plus many more over on our #sipgoestgif_vidiyo hashtag

Thirty Seconds To Mars

For me this challenge was to include my favourite band Thirty Seconds To Mars. However, even though I knew which cover I wanted to recreate, I still had to fit the lyrics somehow into the story that was evolving each week based on the challenge theme.

Plus don’t forget the colour, for this purpose of representation this little Alien DJ Beatbox Vidiyo mini figure was perfect colour match. Then problem, I had to make photo black and white, the colour therefore spilled into the rest of the storyline.

The story So Far about Fox and Raccoon. This fictional concept is based on my own husky dogs, one red dog and one wolf grey who have gone on an adventure. For those following will know they have been returned to Earth and this has prompted me to create this part of the story around the lyrics from “Edge of the Earth.”

Vidiyo Album Cover Art (Original Image credit: Thirty Seconds To Mars)

After being returned to Earth, Fox and Raccoon found themselves in an unfamiliar place. Where were they?

In the distance, they heard a sound. This sound was familiar and reminded them of home. There was no one to be seen, so where was the sound coming from?

The music brought back happy memories and comfort, even though they were strangers in a strange land. Home! they were so far and it felt like they were standing on the Edge of the Earth.

Standing on the Edge of the Earth

Standing on the “Edge of the Earth”

Fox and Raccoon followed the direction of the music for 30 seconds. They knew enough to know the way. And they were now standing out at the Edge of the Earth. They looked at each other, and began contemplating diving into the center of fate. Were they about to look into this new futures face? …

Night Hunter wants to be the one in control

It was just a matter of time. The night hunter had appeared to the right. She wanted to be the one in control. Her attention was now heading to the body heat of Fox and Raccoon. She had risen from the dead, only appearing at night and she knew, they know enough to play the game. The Huntress wanted to be the one who’s alive. She wanted their souls to make her immortal so she could walk the Earth both day and night.

Snow Guardian and the Pack It’s not a matter of luck, it’s just a matter of time

The night was closing in. From the left, the snow guardian could see the night hunter fast approaching Fox and Raccoon. They were standing at the Edge with fate as their future.

If she reached them within 30 seconds they would be under her spell. They would not be the ones who get old. Indeed, its not a matter of luck, it’s just a matter of time. He offered them safety amongst the pack, was he the new futures face?


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