Disney train station review

This summer I received the new Disney train station set to photograph from our friends at LEGO.

It took me more than 6 hours to build it and it was such a pleasure! As you may know, I’m not an AFOL (I’m more into skeleton toys) but I must admit that building a big LEGO set is something. One brick with another brick, with another brick and suddenly there is a wall, and then a complete floor! Yes, that was a nice building experience.

I can’t say if I preferred building the train or the train station.

The train

The train is composed of 4 different pieces. First, the locomotive with old vintage colors: red, green and gold. With Mickey driving it, so cute.

After the locomotive, there is the tender hiding the electric motor. We can run the train with an app, I didn’t test it yet, but I will probably write something about it once I try it. It’s simple but it has that old retro look that I like so much.

Then comes my favorite train piece, an open carriage to carry passenger around. It’s so beautiful with theses white and blue stripes on the roof. Dale is waiting for passengers to jump in.

The second carriage has a beautiful retro look, with platforms on bot side.

One side of the carriage can be removed, to show the interior, a cozy red sitting room. When not working, Chips’n Dale take a good cup of tea here.

The train station

The Disney train station is a quite huge piece and it’s not easy to photograph it. On the outside of the building, we have a nice European style.

I like this old look with red bricks, grey stones on the edge and the light roof.

Minnie is waiting for the train to enter the train station

On the inside of the train station, the ground floor is the reception, with all you need to wait for your train. Goofy is here to answer all passengers questions.

The first floor with huge red curtains.

On the right, we can find on the right a cozy waiting room.

Under the roof, what a surprise to find a LEGO set of the Disney castle!


This set is cute and the train rails will make some happy kids and grownup, for sure. But it has been difficult for me to take pictures of this set, mainly because I’m more used to shoot tiny skeleton rather than big LEGO sets (I will probably write something about it later!).

Did you already have bought it? Do you plan to buy it? Or order it for Christmas?

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4 years ago

Hmm. Looking at the images I may want to add it to my Xmas railroad project under the tree. We could have this year three trains. The classic Xmas train, the HP train and the Disney one. All motorized …. hmm.

Sound like a plan :)

4 years ago
Reply to  eatmybones

I did buy it. And I did build it. Now the pictures :)

4 years ago
Reply to  Boris

Thanks for reminding me I need to build mine :’D

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