And I Think It´s Gonna Be A Long, Long Time…

(I´m seriously wondering how many of you can sing along with this article´s headline. Seems as if Reginald Kenneth Dwight chose a famous topic for that certain song back in the days.)


About two weeks ago, on the day of its release, I was kindly given a long awaited set from the LEGO Ideas theme, specifically the 21309 LEGO NASA Apollo Saturn V rocket. In case you didn´t know all things space are my most favourite LEGO sets. I can´t explain in words what specifically attracted me to this set. Was it the fact that it reminded me of one of the earliest sets I remember in my family, the #367 Moon Landing from 1976? Was it the size of it (1,01 m)? Was it the brand new astronaut nano figures? Or simply the fact that it´s another fan designers´ (Felix Stiessen and Valérie Roche) set?


The LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V rocket


You´ve probably all read a dozen reviews about the rocket so far so I´m not going to bore you with the same details and facts like that this set contains 1969 parts (wait, what year did they land on the moon?); or that it consists of the original three single stages that can be taken apart and put back together easily; that it comes with a LunarModule (you know, the tin can that actually landed on the surface of the moon) and the control/service module that took the astronauts safely back to Earth at the end of their mission; that the building instructions are 184 pages thick…!

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Surf’s up, brah!

Right off, I should mention that I am probably biased in my fondness of this little Surfer. I am a product of two Californias (The US State and Baja California in Mexico). I have spent a great deal of my life at the beach and in the surf. In secondary school, lunch was a short walk to the sand; my high school had surfing for Phys Ed; I currently spend most of my free time shooting surfers or waves and I don’t have any of the other surfer minifigures, so I am seeing him with fresh eyes.

Sloppy printing issues included :)

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Welcome to Greatest Show on Earth

Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the greatest show on Earth! Series 17 Minifigures ushers in a new group of lovable minifigs and my personal favorite may just be the Circus Strong Man, which is no small feat given the line up of this series. LEGO has developed a winner here, as Series 17 is poised to be a collector’s favorite. Continue reading “Welcome to Greatest Show on Earth”

Fame (I’m gonna live forever)

Do you remember her name? LEGO sure does, bringing us right back to the 80s with the Minifigures Series 17 Dance Instructor. Striped spandex pants, oversized shirt, sweatbands and poodle hair is straight out of the famed New York dance studio. Just hum the song and you’re right there.

Her first students were a Stormtrooper squad. They’re still busy practicing for their first public performance, and let’s just say their rhythm is as off as their aim. But they’re trying and the instructor has been very patient– Continue reading “Fame (I’m gonna live forever)”

To boldly go …

Growing up, and to this day, even, my absolute favorite genre of any media was Sci-fi; I was raised on classics like Star Wars, Trek, The Twilight Zone, etc., so I was very happy when I saw that Series 17 of Lego’s Minifigures had a Retro Spaceman, and even more excited to have the opportunity to review him for Stuck In Plastic!

Space themes are nothing new to Lego, especially the Minifigure range which seems to more often than not have at least one space related figure per series. However, this is the first mini figure that’s themed on early/mid-20th-century sci-fi designs, and I have to say, Lego did a great job with this Minifigure!

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Don’t Be Like Everyone Else

A few weeks ago, my husband texted me the images for the new Series 17 LEGO minifigures and asked me to choose which ones I liked most. I chose the chef and the vet almost immediately. My initial thought was to pick the ones that had some unique accessories that my husband didn’t have and could be used later on in future pictures. I wanted characters with unusual outfits or ones that represented some aspect of me or my husband. He’s the big LEGO fan and photographer, but I also enjoy collecting. In fact, when we were still dating, the first few series of these minifigures came out, and we spent a lot of time together, hunched over the displays, trying to feel through the packages for the figures he wanted most for his pictures.

The chef was an easy immediate pick for me. I thought of my husband and how he also enjoys cooking. He’s commented many times that he’s always wanted a chef’s jacket, so here’s a chef’s jacket (and a chef’s hat!)…in LEGO form. The chef also has a whisk, and who doesn’t like a good whisk? Oh, and the pie. You can never have too much pie.

The vet I liked because of the bunny. I really wanted the LEGO bunny. Continue reading “Don’t Be Like Everyone Else”

Gentlemen of the road

We are having an unplanned service disruption in our daily Series Seventeen Review here on the blog.  Last night four highwaymen, also known as “Gentlemen or Knights of the Road” took over our normal schedule and demanded to be photoed in The Studio before we could continue.

They seem to have been hiding in a secret compartment inside the Series Seventeen box and they claim to be in all Series Seventeen boxes released around the globe. Continue reading “Gentlemen of the road”

Are you not entertained?

As I’m a newbie to writing for SiP I thought I would introduce myself a little first – Hi! I’m Mark, I’m a full-time photographer from Nottingham in the UK with my studio in the heart of Sherwood Forest. In my working life I mostly shoot Weddings and Portraits, but when the clients leave and the confetti has been thrown, that’s when the toys come out to play! I’ve been photographing toys for about three years now, starting with Lego before including action figures into my work too (I was told at the start that Lego was a gateway toy, but did I listen…?) Continue reading “Are you not entertained?”

Spread your wings and fly away

Choosing one figure from this new Collectible Minifigures Series is really hard. Once again I’m very tempted of getting all of them. When asked which one I’d like to review, I thought about which one would better fit the Finnish landscapes surrounding me: forests and lakes. There were three possible choices: the Elf, the Dwarf and the Butterfly Girl. From those three my favorite is without a doubt the Butterfly Girl.

But good timing allowed me to actually take my first photos of the Butterfly Girl in a slightly different environment. Probably the most beautiful I’ve personally been given to see: Northern Norway. I headed there for a four-day weekend road trip, without any specific plan other than hoping the location would inspire me some kind of story. Continue reading “Spread your wings and fly away”