Once Upon A Brick

The new LEGO Ideas Once Upon A Brick set 21315 is available on the shelves today. King Kalle and Queen Victualia could not resist and got their own copy for their royal library. They both love a good book, and have a special place in their heart for historical pop up books and modern creations alike.  

The unboxing of the box. King and Queen ready to give it a go.

The book is created by Fan designers Jason Alleman and Grant Davis. Their names are on the cover of Once Upon A Brick. The book has been co-authored by Alan Talbott and Crystal Marie Fontan.  The official LEGO designers taking the LEGO Ideas into a production set. Their images can be found inside the booklet accompanying the book.

The Unboxing

First impressions of the LEGO Ideas box is that it is not the high end box we used to see for LEGO Ideas. It is a classic paper box you wont keep for posterity, and so the unwrapping went pretty fast. I am not sure if I should be disappointed. Or happy as the money went onto what is inside the box. 

King Kalle getting his scissors out.
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LEGO Elves 2018 – Final roundup

Today is #ElvesDay

After having a look at all the creatures (the Eagle, the Turtle, the Lion, the Fox, the Wyvern, the Wolf and the Bat) from the new LEGO Elves sets, it’s time to have a look at what these sets contain. For this week’s #ElvesDay, we’re having a look at the minidolls, the small bats acting as the main bad guy gal’s minions, and one of the buildings included in the set.

The Minidolls

The major characters all come with an updated minidoll. Apart from Faran which always look a bit plain to me, the new outfits are nice even though the old ones were already great.

Azari with her new shiny armor and giant hammer

Lumia is by far one the best-looking of the new minidolls. I love the white outfit contrasting with the dark skin tone. Continue reading “LEGO Elves 2018 – Final roundup”