T-Rex Breakout

You may have seen the movie, well now it’s time to own your own T-Rex.
When we were given the opportunity to review the T-rex Breakout set 76956 from our dear friends over at the LEGO Group.
I jumped at the chance. As I remember when the Jurassic Park movies first came on the big screen.

Both myself and Maelick were given the task to tame the beast.
But you guessed it, this was no ordinary LEGO build.
This one was hungry and had a desire to eat whatever came in it’s path.
You all have seen the movie, right?
Well let’s cut to the scene.

Movie Stills

Cut to camera:
The two tour vehicles stop outside the massive fence that serves as the enclosure for the Tyrannosaurs Paddock. Tim wears cool night vision goggles while he enjoys the view. Dr. Grant reaches out of the car to fills water bottle with rainwater, then sips a mouthful of drink water. Tim suddenly becomes aware of something, a thumping rhythmic sound. Tims attention turns to the cups of water on the front seat. The water ripples with each thump.

Then what happens next … in true movie style, chaos.
Picture this.
The rain starts, the radio signal is out, the T-Rex is about to make an appearance. The power is definitely not coming back on. Instead the thumping gets louder.

T-Rex appears through what is not the non electric fence and yep the kids get scared.
They are still, not moving, not even a sound.
They would do anything to not draw attention to themselves.
The kids get scared.

The T-Rex knows what she smells, even if its 1212 lego pieces that make up this story.
She nudges the iconic Ford Explorer with her snout, she was unpredictable.
Based on movement it was imperative they kept still.
But when Lex is tearing through a storage area in the vehicle backseat.
She finds a flashlight. It turns on and draw Rex’s attention and that’s not good right?

Frantically trying to turn off the flashlight, Tim quickly shuts the door just as T-rex notices and with an almighty roar the kids start screaming.


Those teeth. I personally think LEGO have really made something when they created Dinosaur teeth.
They look realistic and are so different from the other bricks.
In fact I was working on another project and had to have a dinosaur head, more so dinosaur skeletons so more to come on that little/big project. Another thing I notice is the Dino’s eyes, amber in colour and true to what I am led to believe a T-rex would have looked like.

The Rex immediately turns towards paleontologist, Dr. Grant letting out a loud roar, Grant slowly waves a flare back and forth to get the Rex’s attention. The T-rex follows the movement and as grant throws the light the T-rex goes after the light given the humans time.

Hey Rexie

Hey Rexie.
This set is awesome.
The characters look like the movies stars.
The attention to detail are sublime and the reference to the film just bring this set to life.

Then Malcolm gets out of the car and starts running with the flare, trying to lure the T-rex away.
It worked, now the Rex had a new attention and is now in pursuit after Malcolm. “get the kids” he shouts risking his own life.

As Dr. Ian Malcolm implied, there will always be someone who hates being right all of the time.
But this set, the designers over at The LEGO Group are certainly right this time.
I love this set.
I love how they have recreated the film scene, the broken fences are just brilliant and the amount of vegetation are just right for the size of the set. The characters look like the actual characters.
I am sure Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum will have a little smile on their faces when they see this replication.

Do I love it?
Yes. It is nostalgic and a huge part of my childhood.
Would I but it?
Most definitely. Retailing at £89.99 it’s a must for Jurassic Park fans alike.
And did I enjoy being the Director of Photography on these LEGO Movie stills?
I certainly did, what a wonderful treat.

The End…

Well maybe not quite.
Perhaps LEGO have other ideas to recreate other iconic film scenes in the future, how much fun would that be? And who needs an Oscar when you can display your favourite movie scene in LEGO.

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