So, why am I going on toy safari in Edinburgh?

First, a little background

My name is Matt, also know as Hellbelly on pretty much every platform, I’ve been taking photographs for about 15 years, and taking toy photos for around 11, although over the last couple of years I’ve been suffering a bit of a creative slump, and have had limited time and inclination to take photos.
This is one of the reasons I’m going to Edinburgh. Continue reading “So, why am I going on toy safari in Edinburgh?”


One of the unique gifts I have received here on Stuck In Plastic in the last three years is the gift of friendship. Making new real live friends.
Friendships that go beyond the short thumbs up social interactions or becoming friends on Facebook.
Friends that turn into real live deep connections.

I unknowingly bumped into one of those special friendships at the Stockholm Airport in the summer of 2015.
It was the first ever European SiP toy safari and I was pretty nervous to pick up some of these friendly “strangers” and be their host for three days in our place.
So when I entered terminal 5 from the parking lot with a smaller SiP sign in my hand, I got instantly welcomed by a warm hearted stranger with a bear hug and a broad smile (yes, I was late to pick up my guests) … Continue reading “Friends”

Winner winner, lobster dinner!

lobster lovin' Batman


Thanks for all the wonderful responses to our LEGO Batman Movie Collectable Minifigures giveaway. We were truly blown away, not only by the sheer volume of entries, but how Stuck In Plastic has made impact on it’s readers over the past twelve months.

As you may know, I’ve been away for the past fortnight or so, down the coast camping with family and friends. I had little to no internet connection whilst away. So, to come back to over 50 responses left my head swimming. Each comment I read was the winner. Then I’d read the next, and that was the winner. It wasn’t easy picking just one from all the wonderful entries. Continue reading “Winner winner, lobster dinner!”



The Batman Movie Minifigures Giveaway

Q. What’s better than a new series of Collectable Minifigures?
A. A new series of The LEGO Batman Movie Collectable Minifigures!

Q. And what’s better than a new series of The LEGO Batman Movie Collectable Minifigures?
A. Giving away a set of the new series of The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures!! Continue reading “HOLY GIVEAWAY, BATMAN!”


Vacation Batman

The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures Review

In the episodes following cliff-hangers in the 1960s TV series of Batman, narrator William Dozier would briefly recap the previous episode. Sadly, William is no longer with us, so you’ll just have to read my previous post to catch up.

For those you who are up to speed, let’s jump right into the heroes from the upcoming LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures series. Continue reading “HOLY MINIFIGURES, BATMAN (part 2)!”


Red Hood

The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures Review

I’ve never been a completionist when it comes to the Collectable Minifigure Series’. Sure, I’ll snap up multiples of the ones I really like, Hotdog Guys, Zombie Cheerleaders, Sharks, Penguins, but I’ve never been one to complete a series just for the sake of completing a series. However, when I first saw The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures, I wanted them all. Come on! There’s not a weak link in this series. And it’s Batman! Continue reading “HOLY MINIFIGURES, BATMAN!”

Connections Reflections

Things I’m learnding!

As we surge towards the end of another year, it seems appropriate that I reflect on this year as a member of the Stuck In Plastic collective. I’d best get it out of the way early, because if all goes to plan (which it rarely does) the next couple of posts from me should take care of themselves. Plus, if I don’t write it now, chances are I’ll forget. Continue reading “Connections Reflections”

Portrait vs Poor Trait

Is it a poor trait of the LEGO minifigures?

It was noted, as we were deciding which images to include in the next BricksCulture magazine article last Sunday/Monday (a bloody hard task I might add due to the sheer awesomeness of all the submissions), that the majority of the photos submitted were landscape format.

This got me thinking. Continue reading “Portrait vs Poor Trait”