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Into The Woods Or Anywhere

Yes, the temperatures steadily rose since we talked about the weather in our little article about the latest addition to the Botanical Collection. Still the nights are can be a bit chilly. What better way to face those moments than in front of a cosy fire? If you’re lucky enough to own a fireplace or tiled stove in your home than this next set is tailored for you:

42139 All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

This vehicle is perfect for everyone who must lumber timber to heat up their home. Just imagine having to go deep down into the woods. Just hop on your ATV and drive there. It’s not just a long way to go but also an uneven or hilly one? The ATV will easily take you there with its six big and suspended tyres. And what if you’ve just chopped a tree and cut the trunk in handy pieces, but you still have to bring them home? No problem with the ATV’s loading bed. And best of all, the chainsaw is included!

Not Just For Lumberjacks

The All-Terrain Vehicle is more than just a powered working horse for your daily routine. It is a two-cylinder powered machine with two gears (turtle for rough terrain, rabbit for infinite plains). We are most sure that Woody would enjoy a trip on this, either through the woods of Sweden or on the sunny beaches of western Jutland in Denmark (or the Ninety-Mile beach in New Zealand? Or…), too. But not Woody got this fun mobile to build, test and photograph but Bev and Stefan.

What’s In The Box?

The 42139 ATV consists of 764 parts and comes with some pre-cut logs of LEGO timber and a chainsaw to help you getting the work done. The two gears and cylinders with working pistons are a sweet addition to the model. And the winch is a nifty detail for when you have to pull the chopped logs near or the entire mobile out of the mud. And when you’re back home and want to unload the vehicle, you can simply tilt the bed.

As this is a Technic model it is far bigger than minifigure size. And so we must admit that we do miss a driver for the ATV. When checking out what this is made for, we would’ve loved to see some sort of figure to explore nature on the ATV’s back. Maybe we will still have to wait for Woody or Jessy?

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