NASA Mars Rover Perseverence

LEGO have done it again by launching a new set that is out of this world… Well, one that heads into space at least.

In June, LEGO released the LEGO® Technic NASA Mars Rover Perseverence to encourage and inspire a generation of younger builders to explore engineering!

Just 2 years ago, Perseverance landed on Mars and started an epic journey to search for signs of life and collect samples of all kinds from the red planet. This Technic model of the rover allows builders aged 10+ to explore and begin to understand how the awesome feats of engineering make the Rover so adept to explore the unknown territory on Mars.

Sunrise mission – Photo by Ian (@iancockayne)

Not only is this a Technic set. It is also a STEM pace themed set that is specifically designed to encourage children to learn more about engineering and inspire a new generation! Oh and did we mention the AR app?!? No, not yet. Oh, well it does so keep reading to find out more!!

Here is what LEGO had to say:

The LEGO Technic model features 360° steering and a movable arm, plus fully articulated suspension that lets the rover travel across uneven surfaces on all 6 wheels. And just like its real-life counterpart, the LEGO Technic model is joined by a replica mission companion Ingenuity Helicopter.

Designer at the LEGO Group, Luke Cragin said, “Working on this model has been both challenging and exciting” “I’ve always felt passionate about space, and the design process let me explore my interest as I recreated the incredible engineering developed by the pioneering team at NASA. We hope the model’s features and functions will help introduce young space lovers to the world of engineering and encourage them to reach for the stars in the future.”

Exploring the terrain – Photo by Albert (@akbricks)

Technic AR App

The set also comes with an augmented reality app called Technic AR which gives fans both a physical and digital experience. The app is filled with exciting and educational content about the Mars Rover. It also provides real-life information on the vehicle and its mission on the Red planet. The app also has a function which allows the user to pull an overview of the weather on demand or learn about the environment and the rover´s mission. Come on, is that not just incredible!!

Stefan (@a_toyphotographer) and Ian (@iancockayne) were lucky enough to get their hands on the set during SiP goes Sweden and spent some time taking photos of the set. Here is what Ian had to say about it.

And here’s what Ian had to say:

“When I first saw the set, I was impressed with the way that the vehicle and its array of equipment had been recreated in LEGO form, but I was not sure about how it would look on camera. How wrong was I!

Shooting this set on a rocky headland at 4am on a beautiful Swedish summer morning when the sun is just coming up, this set just popped, and I came away with some beautiful images of the Rover clambering over rocks as if it were in search of rock samples on a faraway planet.

Sunrise in Sweden – Photo by Ian (@iancockayne)

If you love Technic, then this is a great set. You will enjoy how the Rover has been envisaged in LEGO form. If you like a display piece, it certainly is a cool talking point. The accompanying AR app to help you learn more about the real NASA mission, so its educational too! But if you are a photographer, take the Rover exploring. That’s what it was meant for, and it certainly won’t disappoint.”

And here’s what Stefan had to add:

I have the impression that many toy photographers still struggle with most Technic sets. I just don’t know why. This model of Perseverance is a great set for building, for learning and absolutely for taking it out for a photo session. I had no doubt about the models resemblence to the real rover that’s exploring Mars. The designers over in Billund are true masters when it comes to translating shapes into the LEGO system. But apart from that, would this vehicle be photogenic? I absolutely think so. It was great watching it collecting the first rays of sun. And it was just as great during midday. It allowed me to daydream off onto a far away planet. A planet where there’s nothing but sand and rocks to the horizon and beyond.

After all, the Mars rover is a vehicle that’s meant to be in space. And great Godtfred, what’s not to like about that??

Take me to Mars (even if it’s just pretending..) – Photo by Stefan (@a_toyphotographer)

The set is available from 1st June 2023 and can be purchased over at and in LEGO stores.

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