May is a Wrap

The Month of May is officially a wrap and we want to thank our SiPgoesTGIF hosts of this month.
They gave us four incredible creative challenges and made you go all the way.

Claudia’s Color Explosion

We kicked it off with Claudia and her color explosion to celebrate the spring.
And with 101 celebrations, you did just that.

Stacy’s Science Facts

And while we managed to squeeze in a full blown spring workshop Stacy took us back to the real world with the Muppets and some rock solid science facts.

From rocks and bones, to killer frogs and some other amazing science facts. Thanks Stacy for keeping us on top of the facts.

Scott’s Movie Time

And after a hard week packed with science and amazing facts it was time to return to the silver screen.
Recreate an iconic movie scene with just one image.
One image only.
Or actually more than 120 movie scenes made it to instagram.

Thanks Scott, for the popcorn and the good times.

Alice Fantasy World

And the good times did not stop there.
Alice took us back in time.
Back to her medieval fantasy world packed with queendoms, friendly dragons, and the odd elf.

A world you all obviously enjoyed a lot.
And now May is a wrap.
Or is it?

One more mission

Our fabulous hosts had one more impossible mission.
A mission to name one participant that they wanted to give a small little token of appreciation.
And after hard and long deliberation and sleepless nights packed with colorful fantasy explorations and hard facts on the little screen they unanimously nominated Lina for contributions to the month of May.

Congratulations Lina

Congratulations Lina, we will be shipping a little Harry Potter book your way so you can practice some of the divination spells for the upcoming creative challenges.

And we like to thank our hosts of May for their awesome creativity and fun challenges in this SiPgoesTGIF creative challenge.
If you want to join us, just like Claudia, Stacy, Alice, Lina and Scott than head over to our Discord and discover already today who the new host is of June and what challenges he/she/they may have in their black box for all of us.

And now May is a wrap.
It is.

The SiP Crew.

PS. We like to thank LEGO for providing the little gift sets to support your creativity.

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