Project: SiP goes Twenty Two

SiP goes Twenty Two is our creative photographic project for Twenty Two.

You can read some more about the history of photographic projects here on SiP in this blog post reflecting back on some of the previous projects that lead into the current SiP goes Twenty Two.

The Project

One Year project, four Virtual Workshops, a Weekly Creative challenge, Twelve Newsletters. All focused on creative growth in Twenty Two.
And there is more for sure.
A Christmas Card Exchange is included.
We will continue to review LEGO sets (nsfw) and shoot NON-LEGO sets
Real world exhibitions (plural) are on our radar.
And we have some other secrets hiding in our closet.

SiP goes Twenty Two is a photographic adventure set out so you can join in at your own pace, and skip when it does not float your boat.

A creative project that will hopefully make you grow also in Twenty Two while having fun with little plastic toys. And yes, it will have its own hashtag #SiPgoesTwentyTwo

The Workshops 

Four Virtual Workshops with limited seats available. 

As always we will start on Friday evening (all times Central Billund Time, or Stockholm, Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg, …) with the unboxing of the mystery box, followed by an intense (and sometimes stressful, but always great fun) Saturday deep dive session. The twist of this year is that we will have a special guest host included in each workshop and that the workshops are fully embedded in our SiPgoesTwentyTwo theme. 

Seats are limited and the sign up form for the first workshop will be available on Discord first.

Reserve the virtual workshop dates

Winter – Feb 4th-5th
Spring – May – 6th-7th
Summer – Aug – 5th-6th
Autumn – Nov 4th-5th

And later on in the year a real life workshop in Tallinn, travel permitting.

Fifty Two Fridays

Yes, we decided to give #SiPgoesTGIF a more structured role in Twenty Two. 

Each month one of the crew will take the lead, and lead the way for all of us with their creative take grouped around 4 distinct themes

Numbers and Colors
The Master Challenge
Photographic Techniques

We even created for you a personal calendar you can soon download and plan and play ahead for yourself.
Unlike the original SiPgoes52 the words and challenges are not yet carved in stone.
The colors are known.
And so are some of the numbers.
The crew is drafted in, and we are working on our special guest stars.

The concept stays the same.
We continue to release the creative challenge on Mondays on Discord.
We follow through on Fridays on Instagram (and who knows, maybe on Flickr as well).

This year we celebrate and feature over the weekend some handpicked work from the participating photographers from Discord only.
So, one other reason to join in the fun. 

And of course, you can easily skip a week if the time is not right or the creativity is not there. But if you finish the full streak of 53 images in Twenty Two we have a special surprise for you.

Twelve Newsletters

Yep, we are acoustic.
And slow growing.
The original idea of our circle of friends date back to 2015 and G+ yet it took us all the way to late 2020 before we launched our close friends circle.
Slow growing.

And so are our newsletters.
We started the first round of letters in 2018, and have since then steadily sent an average of one letter per year. Acoustic for sure.

In Twenty Two we will give this one some TLC, and create not one but twelve letters, one per month, with an exclusive behind the scene written up by the Crew member of the month, and include one high end print for one of our readers. 

Always wanted a 36”*24” print (for us Europeans that is approx. 91 by 61cm) to spice up your LEGO room or make that meeting room at work a little bit more enjoyable, then now is your chance. In Twenty Two we will be actively exploring printing big. 
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And all of this focused around personal growth as a creative toy photographer with a passion for LEGO.
One week at a time.
Twelve months long.
Twenty Two is set to begin.

So, will you join us in this SiPgoesTwentyTwo challenge? 

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