Goodmorning Friday

Good morning all and welcome to the second week of May’s guest-hosted #SiPGoesTGIF challenges!
Thanks Claudia for our brilliantly colourful challenge last week.


For those of you who don’t know me I’m Stacy or ShtacyP on Instagram.
If you have seen my work you may have noticed…that I love rocks…and science…and LEGO!

During my time as a geologist I found that a really good way of sharing and explaining my work to people (especially non-scientists) was through Lego, and I’ve made a bunch of science-themed photos and stop-motion animations over the last few years.

So, as we’ve already had a science fiction week, I think we should have a science fact week!

Science Facts

I want you to try and represent a scientific concept in your photography.
It could be an interesting ecological fact about animal interaction.
Or it could demonstrate the effects of climate change.
It could be some cool space science!
Or maybe you want to show a scientist out and about doing their research!

I want you to get excited and curious about the world around you.
And share your findings with the community.
On Discord and Instagram alike.

The Crazy Scientist Stereotype

And if you are including a scientist think about who they might be.
Scientists are not all crazy haired men with thick glasses dangerously playing around with flasks of brightly coloured liquids.

Science Stereotypes

Representation in science is so so important and it is crucial to show that absolutely anybody can be a scientist.
So get your thinking caps and your safety goggles on and let’s learn some science facts!!

And yes, we do have some scientific tags for you.


Stacy researching with Dr. Bunzen one of her favorite subjects. Rocks.

PS. The images here were created as part of the #SiPgoesMuppets series and in no way want to imply that Dr. Bunzen and Beaker are not respectable scientists. They have made great breakthroughs in the field of Muppeteering.

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