Medieval Fantasy

Good Morning @everyone! I hope you all woke up fresh, in a good mood and you are ready for the upcoming weekend!
And for some of us this weekend already started yesterday.


My name is Alice (@AliceBrickland) and I have the honor to present this week’s Stuck in Plastic #SiPgoesTGIF challenge.
But first of all let’s thank Scott for the epic theme of bringing movies to live.
Hopefully he didn’t overeat with popcorn while watching the huge amount of all your amazing contributions!
One hundred twenty five when I checked last time.
And I am a little bit curious if we can beat that number this week.

Let the games begin

I’m a huge fan of medieval and fantasy stories and games.
The Witcher 3 still makes my heart beat faster – total recommendation if you have a lot of leftover time.

So this week we will travel a bit back in time and discover the middle ages together.
Not necessarily the real middle ages (that would honestly be pretty much muddy, smelly and rude) but a version YOU prefer.

Queendom stories

So your entries are totally good with a touch of fantasy or your interpretation of a better version of this age.
Maybe women rule the kingdoms (or should we say queendoms?
Perhaps dragons were the best friends of humankind.
Or there are living elves, dwarfs, mythical creatures and magicians.

If you don’t own medieval minifigures let other characters travel back in time and experience adventures.
Kidnap us from everyday life and show us your interpretation of a medieval fantasy world.
I can’t wait for your photos!
Have a nice week!


The Hashtags for this week are

And if you are not yet hanging out with us on Discord, now is the time.
I will be handpicking my personal features from the SiP Discord this weekend and feature on IG.

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