It’s Movie Time

Hello all!   
I’m Scott, aka @toyingwithlight, your guest host for this week’s #SiPGoesTGIF

Let’s begin with thanking Stacy.
Thanks to her, we just enjoyed an enlightening and entertaining week of sharing science facts.  🧪🥼🔭🔬🧫

Nothing quite so educational this week, I’m afraid. 
Instead, let’s escape reality.
Let’s transport ourselves to a different time, place, or even world 🥷🤠👽
Let’s go to the movies. 🎬 🍿

It’s no secret that I enjoy referencing cinema in my creative work 📸 
And as this week happens to mark the 125th anniversary of the world’s longest operating movie theatre (the State Theatre in Washington, Iowa), it feels right to pay homage to the silver screen  📽

So this week’s challenge:

Bring an iconic movie to life in a single frame.  

It could be an opening title sequence.
An action scene, or even an imagined moment not actually shown in the movie. 
Whatever fancies your mood, keeping in mind that the goal is that people familiar with the movie will recognize the source as soon as they see the image.

Feel free to add your own creative twist. 
I even encourage it!  

Bring in a character from a completely difference movie universe, build your own characters (instead of using available movie-themed characters from Star Wars, Harry Potter, et al), or introduce a new element to the scene. 
Whatever it is, have fun with it!

Here are some of mine. Do you recognize them all?

I’ll be sitting back with the popcorn ready, looking forward to enjoying the show 🍿

And yes, we have a hashtag too:


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