Go down real low-Week22

Good morning, Friday

Grab a coffee/ tea/ milk/ ginger water (or whatever you choose to start the day with) and come a little bit closer.

Week TwentyTwo

Welcome to week 22 (already?) in our most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, muppetational and hopefully joyful weekly workshop that is #TGIF. It’s a new month and I’ll be your host for the next five weeks.

I’m Stefan, member of the SiP crew. On real life safaris I’m the one who’ll try not to leave any brick behind. In the beginning of our online workshops Boris usually introduces me as the HR teddy bear man. And on IG I’m occasionally posting images under @a_toyphotographer.

In all the past weeks of our weekly challenges, we have (hopefully) learned quite a lot so far. About photography. About physics. And about ourselves. While walking through the month of June (Xmas is just around the corner!) we will continue tickling our curiosity and explore some tips, tricks and experiments to leave the beaten path from time to time.

Ooooh, June!

This month is also leading to some interesting festivities. If you’re living in the northern hemisphere, June is the month that will provide you with the longest day of the year. This means lots and lots of precious daylight. What better time of the year to go out and take toy photos in the wild??

But should you be living in the southern hemisphere, do not despair. Instead, follow along as we will all be taking a virtual journey to the land of reliable cars, the land of practical furniture for everyone and the land of Midsommar! Yes, we will be virtually travelling to Sweden, home of the Muppet Chef. There, midsummer is a big thing. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, watch this:

Now that everyone knows what to expect, we can start thinking about our first week.

Here’s your mission:

I shared some info about myself and where June will take us, but who are you? I’d like to get to know you a little better. For week one of June (that is week 22 of TwentyTwentyTwo, how awesome is that??) your mission will be to take an image of your sigfig* from a frog’s perspective**.

A frog and a torn and worn mini-me. Can you go down lower?

*(A sigfig is your very own signature figure. You know, you in LEGO (Playmobil, Smurf, you name it). It is your mini avatar in toy form. Don’t worry, your sigfig doesn’t have to look EXACTLY like you. But it sure helps to recognize you.)

**(The frog’s perspective is to get you into a midsummer mood. For reasons of convenience, we’ll skip the dancing part here.)

Most of us have become used to taking pics of our favourite toy people on eye level of the minifigure. In this one, I want you to go even a little lower. This should result in taking epic and heroic portraits. If you’re wondering about how to get your camera to a frog’s perspective, just become creative. I know you can do it! (Just don’t let the frog creatively fly.) As for the situation of your photo: surprise me. Your figure could look down in a hole, it could be standing on the edge of a tall building or simply in the street. You are the director!

Buzzy and Albert, two long-time friends and travelers, seen from an unusual angle.

Ps: No, you don’t have to include a frog (but you can). But at least take the viewing position of one.

I am absolutely looking forward to all your images.

And please remember to tag your images with

#SiPgoesTGIF_TwentyTwo and #SiPgoesTGIF_FrogsPerspective .

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