New Wings, New Dangers

We continue our creative reviews of the blue carpet series, and this week Ann takes us straight back into the action-packed docks of Madripoor. First Day at the Job Sam Wilson’s first day in his role as a new Captain America was packed with unexpected events. While checking out the old strategic points of the …

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Now They’re Out There

Mission Accomplished On the 25th of March, we innocently asked on Instagram, who’d be interested in reviewing some of the new collectible minifigures from series 20 for us. Some of you replied. Onehundredandsixtythree of you to be precise. We went through all the volunteers and discussed to and fro. In the end, we chose to …

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Music And The 80’s

Some Thoughts From @pulup We’ve been posting quite some articles about the new collectible minifigures series 20 as of lately. These articles came to life because we sent out some minifigs into the great wide open, so that some of you could review them and take pics to share on our blog. We also sent …

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Brand New Toy

Paul Got A Brand New Toy There once was a boy… This may start like a fairytale. Let’s keep it that way for a moment. Anyway, this also is a story about a boy. At this point, we don´t know the boy’s name. Let´s see what happens here in that story by @lego_men_explore. The Boy …

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Part Three This will be the last part of three from Carl @carlp_photography, who portrayed fifteen out of the sixteen minifigures of the CMF series 20. (One of them is reported to have had issues at the customs. Maybe her javelin was mistaken for a weapon …) Here´s Carl for you: Peapod Costume Girl stuckinplasticStuck …

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Two Sides Of A Viking

@stories_in_bricks At It Again Today Daniel shares with us his vision of the new #CMF20 viking. The Viking, Part One I had two ideas for the Viking. stuckinplasticStuck In Plastic. The creative collective of toy photographers.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Hello Again Bert Here’s another review of the #CMF20 series of new LEGO minifigures. This time it´s a rather sinister one from @brickmione. We’re hoping to find some sleep after it. (Then again, we’ll probably be dreaming of the new minifigs and that’s only possible when we’re asleep.) But here’s Bert for you: Nightmare The …

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Flying Is Fun

Wendy In this one Wendy @verboomwendy discovers her flying skills when sending the drone boy of CMF20 out to have some fun. The Drone Boy First of all I want to thank the SIP crew for this great challenge. With my minifigures I had endless fun during the lockdown period in Belgium. It was a …

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All Aboard!

Today it´s @stories_in_bricks ‘ turn on taking out the pirate. And it seems Daniel did not just take Lady Pirate out for a walk, he took the whole Barracuda along. Here is Daniel’s take on the CMF Series’ Twenty Lady Pirate …. HerrSMA Non-Belgian living in Hamburg, Germany. Curiosity-driven and mostly to be found on …

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