Twenty. A first impression

Today LEGO announced officially the new series twenty and celebrates 10 years of the LEGO minifigure series with a brand new series 20. We got our hands on a box full of minifigure goodness and we will be sharing our first impression here and look for toy photographers who want to review their favorite minifigure for us. Read on.

But first, what is in the box?

You all by now have seen the announcements of LEGO and the detailed box art of the series twenty, and we will be sharing our first impressions with a photographer’s eye. But we can confirm there are 3 full series in the box.

In Not So Random Order

Piñata Time

The twenty series 10-year celebration kicks of with a Piñata and this Mexican boy which for sure has a reference to series two and sixteen. The legs are of the fixed size, and it would have been awesome if they were the posable junior ones we saw before. The new sombrero is cool, but the winner is the piñata.
I am sure it will make it into many fun shoots in the coming weeks.

Additional elements not included in this set. Just the piñata.

Dance Girl

The second minifigure is a modern twist on the aerobic girl aka fitness instructor of series 5. The “making minifigs dynamic” foot piece is included in this set (not one but two) and the beatbox is getting this party rolling.

Now, combined with the Rocket girl of position six, I can see how different mashups can and will be made.

Green Beans

Most probably for me the most mysterious character I still need to research more.
She comes with green lips, a most interesting T-shirt and a red apple.
I think LEGO should include an additional hairpiece for out of character shoots moving forward (hint hint) with all those minifigures that are bold when their headsets are removed.


Knights needed to be of the party.
And with their longswords, and beautifully decorated outfit they are one of my favorites. Again, the out of helmet hairpiece is missing in the standard bags but did not stop me from catching my knights off guard.


Only yesterday LEGO announced the latest LEGO Ideas Pirate Bay set, and on position five we find Lady Pirate. Ready to engage.

Rocket girl

When she is not working out our rocket girl is making NASA gear. A small tribute to the space series that has gone through 10 years of Minifigures, and a T-Shirt the space cowboys will for sure repurpose. While the tile is gorgeously printed, my favorite piece is the space cap.


Throughout the history of CMF, we have had costumes like the panda, the giraffe and just recently the rainbow teddy bear. The Llama adds to this collection and we will for sure be seeing some fun creations. Like a cozy one-piece…


This wouldn’t be a toy photographers review if we would not look for the creative possibilities, and when we unpacked this Viking (or Scotsman) I could not resist and grab some not so random hairpiece from my bag.

The next three ones…

These are not my favorites. The LEGO number 0937 is a cute detail, and the martial arts is most probably cool as well, but these three did not speak to me.
But maybe they do speak to you.
Applications for review open below.


The main character of this set is for sure the turtle. I am sure we all will want a few bags of this one, just for the turtles. At least I want.


And here is Mister Green.
With a 10-year celebration tile.
Curious when we will see Lady Yellow join the party.
For now, it is the RGB gang.

Where is Lady Yellow?

Rocking It

Across the years there have been many rockers and musicians in the CMF series and with our keyboard player, we are going back to at least series 4. I am not a big music fan, but I am sure some of you will rock it. I like the pink pants.

The Rabbit

No words needed.
The pajama is also cute, but the star is the rabbit.
And I am not sure there were already short pink legs.
There are now for sure.


Or like Stefan said when he saw this image on the New York toy fair earlier this year, that is Boris. Yep. I like my drones.
And this drone is a pretty accurate model and I am sure I will do something with it later this year.
I did not get the plaster though.
Must be me.

Karlsson on the roof…

Wanna be our crowd photographer?

We are giving away a full sealed set of 16 minifigures to one of you, and will be sending smaller batches of 2 to 4 minifigures (sealed and opened) to at least 4 other toy photographers who want to join in the fun and create a crowd review image for us before they are available in stores near you.

You can leave a comment here on the blog with what figures you would really want to review and why, or leave a comment on our IG post and tag a friend.

Let the comments begin …

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4 years ago

This is really a very cool series :) I would love to review some of the minifigs, even all of them :) I’m mostly interested in the pea girl, the rocket girl, viking, the red power ranger (because childhood memories ) and the pyjama girl. Those are on the top for me. But then there is the turtle, the green Lego brick person, the karate person with nunchaks that looks fun, the pirate… so many cool minifigs this time!

4 years ago

What an awesome series! I’ve been excited since I saw the first few images of them, and this review has made me love them even more. What ones do I want? You mean, other than ALL OF THEM?! K, top 3 then… – Rocket girl. That torso would look good on ShtacyP, no? – Diver. She is clearly a conservationist, and with Rocket Girl they would make nice additions to my Women in STEM Squad. – Athlete. Did you know I was a discus thrower in school? And I missed out on the London 2012 minifigures so have been after… Read more »

Jakob Brick Bakery
4 years ago

This is great! I’d love to do a review of the Viking :-D I’m from Denmark so I feel a very strong connection to Vikings! I’ve actually been reading a bit about vikings lately and I’ve got to say that it’s a very exciting piece of history. They were not just fearsome warriors, they were skilled sailors and merchants too! So, I’d love to review the Viking! Thanks! And thanks for a neat review too! :-)

Adam Brett
4 years ago

LOVE these- would love to photograph Dance Girl- such a unique figure!!

Wendy Verboom
4 years ago

Lego photography makes me very creative and I always have fun with these little figures. New minifigures are always a fun challenge to create new stories . So I would love to participate in this great review . I will like the review the llama ,pyjamagirl , viking , knight ,…

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