Having fun with little pieces of plastic in Czech republic and anywhere else. Prone to random dancing.

Photomarathon in Brno

It was the 15th of June, around 32°C in the shade in Brno. I was walking in the city center and searching for ideas and photos during a photomarathon. What is a photomarathon? This one was organized by Zoner Press, which is a publishing house. In the morning, they drew 5 words, which the participants …

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Post Safari Blues

Can you relate? Do you know that certain feeling you get after a toy safari? This emptiness? The bleakness? Sadness? Boredom? Or annoyance? Weirdness maybe? This feeling of being out of place? Demotivation? Laziness? Like you woke up from a dream and you don’t know what’s happening? Being all over the place and nowhere at …

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