Lego. Geology. Photography. Trying to combine the three.

Goodmorning Friday

Good morning all and welcome to the second week of May’s guest-hosted #SiPGoesTGIF challenges! Thanks Claudia for our brilliantly colourful challenge last week. Rocks For those of you who don’t know me I’m Stacy or ShtacyP on Instagram. If you have seen my work you may have noticed…that I love rocks…and science…and LEGO! During my …

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Stacy goes Sci-Fi

Week 4 of the TGIF Weekly Workshop Challenge and “Sci-Fi” was our prompt. I’m very much into science fact, but have always enjoyed a bit of science fiction. But when I read this week’s prompt on the Discord channel my mind was a total blank. If I didn’t come up with something, sure, I could …

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Four new friends

In these crazy times that we are living in currently it is nigh on impossible to make new friends. Of course it’s the right thing to do, social distancing must be adhered to. But I love making new friends! So, thanks to a little ingenuity and some help from some old friends, I present some …

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Getting ready for Xmas

Christmas is a magical time, even at Hogwarts. As soon as December comes around, The Great Hall transforms into a Winter Wonderland. But did you know that the annual display isn’t forged by magic? Xtra to the rescue Despite Hogwarts being the home of some of the world’s most skillful witches and wizards, they just …

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The test

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. After a pause, she opened her eyes and nervously took hold of the controls. She’d never driven until 6 days ago. What on earth was she doing in the cockpit of an RC Car taking her driver’s test?! Lego ShtacyP had never cared too much for …

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A trip to the market

You know how LEGO ShtacyP loves going for a photo walk down to the shops? (It’s funny, because actual Stacy P HATES going shopping…) Well, she was away on holiday recently, to a far and distant land, and she thought it would be interesting to go and have a look down at the local market. …

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