Visiting London, exploring the Tower Bridge and enjoying the views from the shard with family and friends is one thing. But exploring the City with one of the traveling Time Lords as your personal guide and taking the TARDIS for a quick spin is a completely different experience. One I can warmly recommend when you’re visiting the capital of England.

TARDIS (UK /ˈtɑːdɪs/; US /ˈtɑːrdɪs/) stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space and is the favorite time and travel machine of our good old Doctor, and beats traveling the underground or even the red double deckers busses London is famous for.

Tower Bridge
A quick touristical visit to the Tower Bridge with the TARDIS

This specific TARDIS we were traveling in (the interior is huge) got its chameleon circuits broken, leaving it stuck in the shape of a 1960s-style London police box soon after we visited the live recordings of a young boys band in the early sixties on Abbey Road (pretty cool to see the fab4 in there early days).

And there was more, so much more. We took a visit to the grim east end in 1888, a late night game of Cluedo in Baker Street 221B, some high noon tea on top of the Goring Great Gardens and some mandatory shopping in Harrods and Hamlets alike (LEGO can be found on the top floor). We topped off our adventures with some real cool beers and fish and bricks in one of the many local pubs this City has to offer.

I think I’ll get my own TARDIS so that I can travel in style. It sure beats coach (aka economy class) inside the capsule.


Piccadilly Circus
A quick stop at the Circus

LS (LEGO Scriptum): We are a RLUG now, and so we will occasionally  take a deep dive into the plastic that is consumed in our creative endeavors. In this case the fabulous LEGO Ideas set of Doctor Who which was endorsed as a LEGO Idea by the LEGO Group in 2014 and saw the light in the shops late 2015 (full LEGO blog post here). Regarding this particular post, it’s not sponsored by The LEGO Group and I purchased the set with my own money. This set is an awesome photographer set as it includes three four characters to engage with in your traveling journeys (two Doctors, Clara and a weeping  angle), some iconic objects like the TARDIS featured above, and all printed tiles.

Yes, you read this right. All printed tiles. No stickers whatsoever in this set.

I for sure will be taking the TARDIS and its fellowship on my travels and I’m sure you will enjoy it as well.

Until our Time And Relative Dimension In Space collides !


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Colin Burden
Colin Burden
8 years ago

For many years, I used to work not too far from Picadilly Circus and know the area very well. Just to the left of where your Lego Tardis is located – and across the road – there is an old police telephone which I once heard a child describe as a ‘skinny Tardis’. May not look like a police box, but it’s of the same period. As it happens, I was in the West End two weeks ago, near Oxford Circus, and passed Tom Baker, who is now in his 80s. I didn’t speak to him as I understand he’s… Read more »

Stefan K
8 years ago

Brilliant ( as the 10th Doctor would say ) post. As an Whovian I liked the twist of this London guide :) I like the Doctor Who set and it’s minifigs, whats not to like with the Doctor, Weeping Angels and Daleks?

8 years ago

When I saw the first official images of this set I instantly fell in love with it. But because I had never watched a single Doctor Who episode and had no idea what is was about I thought it might be a good idea to watch a few episodes to know a little more about the characters… After the two first episodes of seasons 1 of the 2005 revival series, I got hooked up and devoured the first 7 seasons before getting the set in December.

8 years ago

I love these photographs. You have just the perfect depth of field.

I’m so fond of the traveling Tardis. Another IGer and I have both have a series of traveling Tardis photos for a project we have been talking about. The idea is that the Tardis wants to go on its own vacation to visit our two home cities. Since it travels in time we can post our photos at the ‘same time.’

We are using the Funko Tardis though, instead of the Lego one.

Very good photographs! Cheers!

8 years ago

That’s an awesome idea!

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