Where is Anton

It is photo contest time.

Yes, you read it right. A creative photography contest, and a fun little LEGO challenge, with three fantastic prices. We are giving away not one, not two but three complete sets of The LEGO Old Fishing Store. This set is also known as the LEGO Ideas Set 21310 which we first learned about at the RLFM days and blow our socks away.

The Price. Three Old Fishing Stores To Go

What do you need to do to win one of these iconic sets?

Take a creative photo of Anton.

Simply take a creative photo of Anton. Anton is the 4cm tall main character in the old Fishing Store. Make him tour your own city, take him to the countryside or on your next vacation. Then post your creative toy photography on the social media platforms of your choice and tag it using #whereisanton, #stuckinplastic and #LEGOOldFishingStore.

A moment of rest in Nyhavn. The moment was captured by Stefan K.

Once you did that, come back to this page and tell us in the comments below where you have shared it. Flickr, Facebook, Google+,  500px or even your own blog. We can’t keep track of all the channels and media and we wouldn’t want to miss your awesomeness.  So do share the link with us (it goes without saying that the works need to be publicly visible, so private IG feeds or the like wont work, we want to see your images).

Win your own LEGO Old Fishing Store.

We will choose the three lucky winners by selecting our favorites photos based on creativity and photographic quality and we will feature the works also here on the blog.

By tagging your images to the three hashtags and participating in this creative contest, you agree that your images may be picked up by SiP (us) and or TLG (The LEGO Group) for promotion purposes. While we, of course, give credit to the original artists.

The selection of the winners is done by the SiP jury based on artistic creativity and photographic qualities. The outcome of the jury is final.

The deadline for submissions is no later than September 24th (your local time zone applies).  We will look at all entries from day one and being first in a creative idea may help sometimes. We will announce the winners during the week after here on the blog, and no later as October 1st, 2017.

So, get creative and show Anton and his cat around your place.

Anton and his cat are visiting Julien in Paris.

108 Replies to “Where is Anton”

  1. I have shared my photos on instagram. 1 in my pantry, 2 my lego building dining table, 3 mock up of alone tv show set on Vancouver island British Columbia. More to come, loving the inspiration

  2. I have just shared a photo on instagram. Don’t be Koi! Young Anton caught a fish with his bare hands in the creek. Piara Waters Western Australia.

  3. I’ve really enjoyed making photos for this competition. #admiralanton has been all over sunny Perth, Fremantle and Bunbury in Western Australia with me for the last week and the pictures are on instagram @legoadmiralackbar

    Seem some great entries on there – superb work everyone!

  4. I posted everything on g+. You can find few of the photos on instagram @nutelasabe, but they are just duplicates. It’s easier to post on g+ from a laptop or a desktop than to post on instagram :) Having fun with this contest :) Although I’m sorry that Anton didn’t arrive before I went to Cambridge :/ and I’m ill right now, and it’s raining for the past few days, so no pictures of Brno yet :( But I’m taking Anton to Crete, where I will definitely take some photos. And maybe after I return, I will be able to show him Brno as well :)

  5. Hi I’ve been posting about Anton’s life on instagram over the course of the competition, where is Anton either physically or developmentally from childhood to first date, his love of fishing and his search for the perfect job for him. I’m getting near the finale now but it’s been wonderful imagining his life and being along for the ride. I can’t wait to enter the next competition and see where the inspiration takes me.

  6. Keep on sharing all the great entries. We do not want to comment to all of you individually here in this thread, but we are reading them all and taking notes. Awesome work. Keep it coming.

  7. I’ve posted a couple of photos on my Instagram Account (minifignick) which I think you have seen More to come tomorrow as Anton & I venture in the Cornish rain.

    1. I’ve just posted one from today on Instagram and here https://flic.kr/p/XG4MKV on Flickr We visited a very windy Polperro Harbour down in Cornwall and after a few photo’s a great disaster happened If you have seen on Instagram story you will know what If not keep checking my account as I have some photos of it happening to post :(

    1. Thanks Thomas. Don’t forget to tag them as well so you are sure all jury members see them when we browse through the tags on FB, G+, IG. Amazing entries everyone!

  8. Ready to go home after a relaxing fishing day in Kariya Park  (Mississauga, ON)

    I’ve shared the photo on Instagram:

  9. I posted my entry to the LEGO.com Gallery here: https://www.lego.com/en-us/gallery/92e1243d-963b-4fad-883c-ffde39b1425c?index=2&loadprivate=true&memberid=02fa2dad-339d-44a5-aeb3-a16bf63366a5

    I have been trying to share this link for 2 days and my messages are constantly being rejected spam. I have tried removing the link, different links, lengthening my message, waiting longer before attempts, but nothing has been working. This probably won’t even make it through.

  10. I posted my entry to the LEGO.com Gallery.

    I have been trying to share this link for 2 days and my messages are constantly being rejected spam. I have tried removing the link, different links, lengthening my message, waiting longer before attempts, but nothing has been working. This probably won’t even make it through.

      1. It’s okay. As long as my entry is seen before the deadline, it’s only a minor inconvenience. It kept giving me the rejection message, but now I see that 2 of my previous attempts have now made it through the filter. Weird…

  11. Thank You for all the fantastic entries. I hope you all had great fun in participating in this creative challenge. We are going through all the entries on 500, IG, FB, G+, Flickr and even the LEGO gallery.

    We have a hangout scheduled later this week to select the finalists. Not an easy task.

    Thanks again for joining in the creative fun.


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Where Is Anton

A must have iconic set.

When LEGO revealed the LEGO Ideas Old Fishing Store on the first night of the RLFM days, we knew we had just laid our eyes on a most gorgeous, iconic set. A collector’s item in the making.
Most probably one of the best sets of 2017.
A toy photographers dream.
A must have. Continue reading “Where Is Anton”

19 Replies to “Where Is Anton”

  1. Ooooh, I have so many great idea in where to take him! I really am interested in this set and want to get it ASAP! Hope I might be able to win. Robert did an exceptional job building this set! As said 6 months well spent!!!

  2. I think Anton would love to come to the Lake District with me next week! I’m sure he could find a good spot for some fishing!

    (Seriously though, this set is so beautiful and full of detail! I possibly want it more than I even want the Ninjago modular!)

    1. Anton loves fishing.
      And his cat.

      For sure you will be able to explore the full details of Anton’s Old Fishing House in Scotland, as we will bring Anton and his crew along to the green fields and lochs.

  3. I am sure that Anton would love to have his old fishing store in many of the small towns on the mountains of southern Utah. Many places such as Duck Creek would benefit with his presence allowing customers the ability to fish many of the shallow streams with ease.

    It would of course be necessary for Anton to visit all the National Parks that are within a 2 hour radius, including, Bryce Canyon, Zions, the Grand Canyon, Canyonlands, and Arches; as well as a flurry of state parks and National Monuments.

    Fishing is not only a livelihood for Anton but is also crucial to recreation and outdoor enthusiasts. That is why he chose to start his shop rather than just fish and enjoy it for himself.

      1. Lake Lanier probably, and definitely down to the beach when I go! I also have a little creek in my backyard he could fish there, or at the community pond a little ways down the road from my house! Maybe even the pool!

  4. I’m sure Anton would love to do some fishing on Tamborine Mountain in Queensland, Australia, or some beach fishing at Surfers Paradise. I would so love to invite him to set his store up in my place.

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