Partying in the North – A Review of the LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 18

A New Series

A year ago, we tried something new here on the blog: a collaborative review of the Collectible Minifigures Series 17. Back then, I chose to review the Butterfly Girl. I decided to name her Aria, and since then I’ve continued to photograph her.

A year later, after a second LEGO Batman Movie and a Ninjago Movie series, here we are again with a new CMF Series soon to be released. This time, I took on the task of reviewing the (almost) full Series that Boris got from LEGO and sent me two weeks ago.

I’ve always found the idea of reviewing a full series daunting. Even if I like the majority of the figures, there’s always only a couple of minifigures that will inspire me enough to take pictures. Getting good pictures is not all about whether the subject is a great toy, but also about how well it fits my Vision.

However, I was so impressed with this new Series that I accepted the challenge of doing a review of all the minifigures… Except for one. The box of 60 minifigures we received from LEGO, only includes one Classic Policeman, which Boris kept and brought to Floating Bricks.

Because the Series is themed around disguises and party, I decided to focus my review on a story celebrating one of my favorite minifigure.

(I won’t go into a full review about every single figure or accessory. I want instead to show what inspired me as an outdoor photographer, and what didn’t. If you’re looking for a more in-depth review, I can only recommend Brickset, the Brothers Brick or JANGBRiCKS.)

A Surprise Party for Aria

Aria left her home to wander around in the North. After one year, she started to feel Nostalgic for home.

Aria thinking about home, friends, and family.

That’s when her Friends and Family decided to land her a surprise party to celebrate her first year wandering in the North.

They made her a giant cake, brought balloons and even hired a clown and a human firework.
Some of her friends came disguised and showed her the True LEGO Brick Love

The Monsters

But all sort of strange characters also joined the party.

A depressed and gloomy Spider attended the party, but nobody really understood why he was there.

With creepy and scary creatures around, a Unicorn was hired as a bodyguard to make sure nobody would cause any trouble.

Wait… Wrong Collectible Minifigure Series?
The Angry Dragon was hoping for a roaring contest, but couldn’t find anyone to challenge him. Until…

The Cameos

A few unexpected guests also showed up…

While the Cat was ice fishing, T-Rap who was feeling hungry (for cat or fish?) crashed the party.
The Admiral came dressed in his brand new Cowboy costume. Apparently, someone told him it was already #SpaceCowboySaturday.
Gizmo came to the party in his new Red RC Car.

Out of Place

But not every guest felt at home in the Nordic Landscape.

The Flower Pot had hoped for Spring to be a bit warmer. Yet, she managed to enjoy the lovely Nordic Sunlight.
On the other hand, the Cactus felt uncomfortable and completely out of place.
The Elephant struggled to move around and kept sinking in the snow under its own weight.

Photographing the Series

The Easy Ones

I obviously have my favorites.

Fiery Sky for a Fiery Dragon

As soon as I saw the first official pictures of this new Series, I knew that the Dragon would be amazing to photograph. I love the deep red color, and I can’t wait for summer so I can photograph him in the green forests of Northern Finland.

Waiting for Spring

The Flower Pot, the Spider, the Red and Blue Bricks, and the Cactus are all winners. They’re cute, funny and cheerful, and it’s been so much fun photographing them.

The Spider is not amused.

The Hard Ones

The worst is the Clown. Although he wears a great outfit, I really can’t stand the mix of colors. Green, purple and orange don’t work for me at all. It’s the only figure I wouldn’t photograph on its own because of the color. (He does, however, comes with awesome balloon accessories.)

The other figures are all great, but some, such as the Firework Suit, didn’t inspire me photographically as much as the others.

Although I love the red car of the Race Car Suit, I swapped the minifigure. In my opinion, Gizmo better fits the car. Similarly, The new Unicorn is a great figure, but I prefer the color scheme of the previous one. So I decided to improve the Series 13 Unicorn with the sword, the shield and the golden horn from the new one.

Finally the Elephant, despite being an excellent addition to the list of animal disguises, was one of the hardest to photograph. It took me several attempts before coming up with a satisfying photo.


Since I saw the first photos of this new CMF Series, I knew it had the potential to become one of my favorites. After having spent almost two weeks playing with them, I can say it is.

From a photographic point of view, I can’t stress how fun these new figures (and their accessories) are. Although I enjoy the more regular Series without a common theme and with more variety among the figures, the party theme of this one helps a lot to create photos with a common story.

These should start to be available in stores in a couple of days. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on them here in Finland so I can start getting a few more copies of my favorite figures.

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6 years ago

Maelick, I saw the images before as and when you shared them with us backstage, but I did not had the chance to read the full story and I must say I love it. I never saw the story coming. I saw some beautiful images, with a beautiful sunset, but never saw the birthday party coming. And off course it is a birthday. It is the 60th anniversary of the Minifigure. A true celebration for LEGO, for kids, for AFOLs and LEGO toy photographers alike. A happy birthday to LEGO and a happy birthday to Aria. Your signature friend. Now,… Read more »

6 years ago
Reply to  Boris

Please don’t make ’em older than they areThe Minifiguren might not talk to us ever again. They only just turned 40. It’s LEGO’s 60th year…

6 years ago
Reply to  Stefan

Let me get that straight :)

5 years ago
Reply to  Maëlick

I am just a kid at heart. Why count when you are having fun :P

6 years ago

Maelick’s, I have to admit: This review turned out differently from what I’ve expected. It is truly an interesting one. (Usually “interesting” is a word that’s just trying to be diplomatic when used for describing. In this case I’m using it with a positive meaning) To me it truly IS a new approach to review only parts or accessories of a new series of Minifiguren. But once it’s out it totally makes sense because as a toyphotographer it isn’t unusual to buy a minifigs for it’s accessories alone. And wrapping this up in a story of a birthday party was… Read more »

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