A Dino in the Park

The new Jurassic park set is here. I’ve been lucky enough for LEGO to have sent me the set a bit earlier to shoot.

The set

As I opened the box I was immediately surprised by the sheer size of the set, clocking up 3120 pieces! The great thing about the build is that you can share it with a friend. There’s one book of instructions for the iconic “Jurassic Park” gate and another for the star of the original film, the T-Rex.

I set to work on the big beast and loved the way you can build it up section by section. You can then click each part, such as the tail sections, together.

My wife, Helena, tackled the gates and loved the fact that she got to build all the minifigs. She’s a big fan of the Jurassic World series so she knew all the characters’ names right from the off.

The first problem to hit me after the build was how on earth I was going to transport the model out to my version of Isla Nublar!
With plenty of small pieces on the gates, and the T-Rex being pretty heavy, I knew that I had a big job on my hands.

Photographing it

After finding the biggest plastic box I own, I headed out on foot to the local park. I set up on an open area with the gates and the T-Rex… but I was soon accompanied by the local girl guide group…

I moved off to a quieter spot. With T-Rex posed in attack mode, a group of local dog walkers suddenly descended out of nowhere. Each dog seemed intent on giving the “king of the tyrant lizards” a good sniff (and a lick, if possible!)

With sunset fast approaching, I headed to one of my favourite spots on the edge of the local golf course. With the clouds clearing, and T-Rex looking truly menacing, I assumed position face down on the grass to get the lowest possible angle. This way, it would give the illusion of scale and height to the proud beast.

As the sun disappeared beyond the horizon, I headed home. Although I hadn’t managed to get any minifig shots this time, I knew that I’d bagged some dramatic T-Rex photos which made the most of my favourite spots and the natural light of a summer’s evening.

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