A Hogwarts story

It was a dark Sunday night at Hogwarts. One of those nights during which silence roams the corridors of this giant castle. A night of full moon…

Hogwarts at night

In one of the small rooms of Hogwarts, three little wizards were quietly working on something. It was Harry, Ron and Hermione, all gathered around a big cauldron, shimmering sparkles in their eyes. They were working on a potion.

Three wizards around a cauldron

“Shall I drink it?” said Harry, a spoon full of gooey liquid in his hand. And before someone had the time to say no, he put the spoon in his mouth. He could feel the hot liquid going down his throat. He closed his eyes and opened them again. And said “Well, nothing happened. It looks like you failed Hermione…”

In the potion room

The three little wizards, wondering what they could have missed, left the potion room to go to the library. There, Professor McGonagall was tidying up all the mess made by the students. She was putting some books back on the shelves when she saw Harry, Ron and Hermione enter the room.

In the library

“Oh no, the Witch is here! Let’s go outside so she cannot hear us.”

A small discussion outside

“We won’t be able to find the secret tonight. We should split. Let’s meet back in the Gryffindor common room in an hour. In the meantime investigate.” said Hermione who was the first to leave the group.

She decided to visit her favorite teacher, master in the Dark Arts, Professor Lupin.

With professor Lupin

At the same time, in another part of the castle, Harry was looking for a secret passageway.

Outside Hogwarts
It looks like someone is the corridors
Harry looking for secrets

The secret passageway led to a mirror. A mirror which he hope could help him see what he was looking for.

In front of a mirror

And Ron, not very involved with the matter, decided to launch himself in a game of chess.

A game of chess

The hour passed by and the three teenagers regrouped in the Gryffindor common room, the room hidden behind a portrait of a fat lady.

The fat lady
In the common room

“I think I have what we were looking for. But we need to warn Dumbledore before it is too late. Let’s go.” said Hermione.

The three of them rushed out the door. They saw Filch down the stairs, ran past him and continued to the Great Hall.

Rushing to the Great Hall

When they arrived in the square, they could see Draco Malfoy and Goyle. But no time for teasing, there were some more important matters to discuss with Dumbledore and fast.

Passing by Malfoy

The doors of the Great Hall were opened. Some students were there eating some food and at the end of the room, Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall and Snape. 

The Great Hall

Harry, Ron and Hermione arrived, almost out of breath, in front of the three professors. “We have something important to tell you, Professor Dumbledore!” said Harry.

Talking to Dumbledore

Hermione interrupted Harry and said “We know who……”

It was a dark Sunday night at Hogwarts.

Harry opened his eyes. He was on the floor, in the puddle of fluorescent liquid. “What happened? It looks like I was living a dream.”

“You just drank Hermione’s potion. And fell down on the floor.” said Ron. “It looks like you failed Hermione. It’s looks more like a sleeping potion than a flying potion.”

After some kind teasing between the three friends, they left the room and decided to go to sleep. 

It was a dark night outside. One of those nights during which silence roams the corridors of this giant castle. A night of full moon…

Julien (Ballou34)

Thank you to the LEGO group for providing this set.
With 6000+ parts, this is the second biggest LEGO set to date.

I really enjoyed the building process and all the little details hidden everywhere. Every Harry Potter fan will enjoy the small easter eggs from the first movies.
It’s a great display piece. But looking at it as a toy photographer, I had some difficulties taking pictures for this review. The microfigure scale was not very easy to tackle for me. And with the small size of the rooms, It was not very easy to take pictures.
But this is still an awesome set and one of my favorite from 2018. Now, I need to add some lights to it to make it the bast display piece at home.

I hope you will enjoy this little story that I wrote.

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5 years ago

A most wonderful story @Ballou34 I really like how these stories are actually bedtime stories for young and old. We should really see how we can turn them in a little booklet. Now, on to my questions :) I really like the images. Did you use a lens baby for the effects or did you do it in post? They visual effect really add to the story and just curious what road you went. If this is a lens baby I should really still see if I can get my hands on one, PS I have :) I don’t like the… Read more »

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