Harry Potter 76399 Magical Trunk

Something different

I’m about to take you with me to the last one of the four Harry Potter sets that were released by The LEGO Group.

To me it is the one that stands out from the new sets.
The one I really recommend.

The two books, the Hogwarts Moment Divination Class and the Hogwarts Moment Defence Class are the follow ups from the four other books and the Hogwarts Hospital Wing is “connecting” to the other Hogwarts sets.

This Magical Trunk is all together something different.


It started with … the building instructions. It looks like an invitation. An envelope to be opened. 

The building instructions


While building and seeing all the different parts of furniture and color of bricks i thought this would be really magical. It aslo says Build, Rebuild, Play.

Three Set Ups

When the Magical Trunk is built, all the parts ( like the furniture, minifigs and accessories) fit perfectly in the trunk.
With all these parts you can build 3 set ups.

The Sorting Ceremony, the Great Hall Welcoming Feast and the Common Room.

Entering The Great Hall

The Sorting Ceremony is an annual ritual performed at the beginning of each school year at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. All the sorting takes place in the Great Hall and that was before the Welcome Party. When all the students arrive with the Hogwarts Express the purpose of the ceremony is to classify the new ones into one of the four divisions. These divisions are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. The sorting is performed by the famous Howarts Sorting Hat. And if the Hogwarts Sorting Hat has made a decision than that one is final.

The Sorting Ceremony is led by Minerva McGonagall
The students in the Great Hall
Harry Potter with the famous Sorting Hat
The Owl is bringing a letter at The Sorting Ceremony

The Great Hall Welcoming Feast

The Great Hall is the main hall of Hogwarts. The hall is based on the dining hall of Christ Church, a college of the University of Oxford. Inside the Great Hall there are five tables: four long division tables for the students and the upper table for the teachers and staff. The Great Hall is used as a backdrop in many scenes and also for the Welcoming Feast.

The start-of-term-feast, also known as the Welcoming Feast, is the traditional feast of the first night at Hogwarts. It is the start of a new school year. And the official start of the Triwizard.

The Great Hall Welcoming Feast
Which cookie should i take?
A table full of food and drinks
Sippin some delicious drinks

The Common Room

A common room is a shared room or lounge area at Hogwarts. There is one for each division. The common rooms feature sitting areas and fireplaces and are all decorated in their own house colors. These rooms are used to do homework but also for socializing with the other students. The boys’ and girls’ dorms are attached to the common rooms. All the rooms have their own password to enter.

The Common Room
One of the close details that are in the room
The bed can easily be changed to the other colors that are in the set
The ” Advanced Potion Making” book

So much details

This set is really magical. You are encouraged to use your own imagination to build and fill up those rooms. With the outside of the trunk (the first photo of the review) I used the colors from all the divisions. But LEGO added all the colors from all the divisions in the set. Butif you want to make a Hufflepuff Magical Trunk than you can do just that.

Harry Potter surrounded by all the colors for the trunk of your choice

The trunk also comes with a sticker sheet with a lot of stickers (yeehaa!) so you can customize your Magical Trunk the way you want to. I put the stickers on like they are shown on the box.

The set also comes with a lot of extras to build the minifigure you want. With all those extra hairpieces and heads it gives you an endless choice of characters.

The endless combinations you can build from these parts
Who will you assemble today?

My opinion

I was very surprised by the fact that this set is so complex with all the characters from the Harry Potter movies and with all the extra parts that are in the set to make a minifig of your choice. The Magical Trunk is easy to take with you if you want to, because the lock with the key is actually working. The Magical Trunk will give you the opportunity to make a lot of scenes… And for this review I had to make a hard decision to choose from the amount of photos I took. And I also didn’t want to let you see all the amazing details and things that are there. I definitely recommend this set to see the magic happen in your own hands and choices.

I hope you enjoyed this review.
And I am sure you will enjoy this set as much as I did as this is truly a toy photographer set with unlimited possibilities!


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