Aeronautics engineer by day, toy photographer by night. Exploring the world with his plastic figures.

Lights in the castle

Light is Life! We have already talked a lot about light on the blog. We talked about the importance of light, about techniques like how to harvest the power of the sun for our pictures, about hardware like using a lumecube. Yes, Light is Life! And it can be of any shape and size.You can …

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A Hogwarts story

It was a dark Sunday night at Hogwarts. One of those nights during which silence roams the corridors of this giant castle. A night of full moon… In one of the small rooms of Hogwarts, three little wizards were quietly working on something. It was Harry, Ron and Hermione, all gathered around a big cauldron, …

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The living wall

As you may know, during the day, I work as an aeronautical engineer. And I have my own office. Since everyone at work knows about my passion for toy photography, I don’t hesitate to decorate it with toys and pictures. Ballou34Aeronautics engineer by day, toy photographer by night. Exploring the world with his plastic figures. …

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SiP went Paris 2018

After several toy Safaris around Europe, in Stockholm, Hamburg, London or Edinburgh, it was time to visit Paris. It was the second time for us to be in the City of lights, after an exhibition at Le6Brick earlier this year. The edition of SiPgoesParis 2018 was awesome. Everyone seems to have enjoyed this event: 20 people …

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Thanks to the LEGO brick

This week, on #SiPgoes52, we are celebrating “Leg Godt”, the famous Danish expression at the core of the biggest toy brand. You guessed it, I am talking about LEGO. And I thought it was appropriate to take the time to acknowledge this little brick and thank it for everything it did for me in my …

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