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LEGO decided earlier this year to create smaller little polybags with those little xtra‘s we as toy photographers tend to buy complete sets for. When they were first released we raided the LEGO store in Billund and were planning to do a review of this toy photographer’s delight. But as with so many small things, time passed by and so did the freshness date of these polybags.

And then we got a mystery mail from The LEGO Group if we were interested in reviewing the brand new LEGO xtra 40341 set.
No more info.
And of course, we said yes. Since Julien got the Minecraft sets to review and Stefan took the the speedcars , I ended up with the mystery xtra set. And I have to admit I was curious to see if the polybag series would continue or we would enter the next level of awesomeness in the xtra series.

A few weeks later I got an envelope in the mailbox, with three LEGO xtra 403411 sets inside (yes, three, do read on, there is another little giveaway coming up (you did see our speedcar giveaway, didn’t you).

Three little bags of the set 40341

So how do you creatively review a polybag with accessories if you are not Elspeth of New Elementary ?
You scratch the little hair you have left, take a deep breath and a piece of blue paper and you think back to the knolling storytelling moment we had on the RLFM days ( Stefan, we really have to post those gorgeous moments in the beginning of 2019 and turn them into our new Wednesday series).

And so the story begins

A lone fish, a buoy and a lost treasure with a treasure map … wait, is that a parrot?
A blue, yellow parrot. That must be one of those rare Svea Parrots …
And there comes a designer paddler on limegreen board …
And not just a paddler, but also a scuba diver … looking at the iconic light blue fish through waterproof magnifying glasses …
Oh no (dramatic music enters the scene) … danger is fast approaching ….
Yep, the adventure turns into a bloody jaws kind of movie … with our designer scuba diver not aware of the jaws dropping adventure that is to embark on him.
And what happens to the fish ?!? Another cliffhanger ?

Wait …

The xtra misses a minifigure, and who better to join the review, than good old Anton. Let’s see if he can turn this story upside down and make that set forty thirty four and one pop out.

Anton (not included in set 40341) takes the secret map and has a chat with his Svea parrot. “Is this an adventure we should take?” Anton asks. “Of Course Anton, of course. Go North”, the parrot squeaks.
Anton and his parrot paddle on their good old classic lime surfboard into the adventure. They paddle till the first orange buoy with a red stop light (it is a pity that bag 40341 does not provide a green light as well) and Anton declares it is time to take a deep breath …
Anton holds his breath and dives deep into the clear blue waters. The parrot wisely stays on the buoy and keeps a safe distance of the deep sea.
Is this the treasure chest the map was talking about?
The red cross is on land, Anton! Take a good look at the map. This cannot be the place.
Danger strikes … a big grey shark (hmm, this bag would have been a killer if it was the white shark) looms up and looks dangerously at Anton …
But Anton is not afraid and gets a big blue fish out of his pocket … the story turns around, and the little blue fish will be eaten. Or not ? Time will tell.

Conclusions …

The xtra sets are a great “snatch a bag” when you are in a LEGO store and are looking for some specific accessories. And this one nicely adds to the series. If you don’t have a shark in your bag or a printed treasure map, then this can be something for you.
I really don’t like the mixed color parrot, but that is taste.
And obviously not my taste.
My absolute favorite xtra is still 40312 and 40313 and maybe, just maybe, I should ask Mr. Gill and Mr. Gilles to do a review of the red bicycles.

40313, sealed and waiting for a review.

And now it is time for a little xtra giveaway

We have two sealed 40341 sets which we happily ship to you.
An innocent random number generator will select two lucky winners from the comments below. Just let us know what you will do with the bag and our random number generator will do the rest.
Now, that is not a difficult question for a shark bag, is it.

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5 years ago

Hmmm…. Tough one. I guess one could always wish for a slightly different colour or another brick. In my books these little bags are gold nonetheless. And yes- the incredible lesson in creativity that NEEDS to be written down (even though I still can’t think of words to describe what my eyes and ears witnessed during that magical interview…)!

5 years ago

If I won this rather super polybag. I’d take it to the spot were I lost Anton whilst photographing him for the Stuck In Plastic LEGO Old Boathouse Competition. Polperro Habour to be precise, and empty it into the sea whilst saying a few words to a long lost minifigure :(

fubiken / Stefan K
5 years ago

My mind is wondering if Anton could use the treasure chest to paddle away on an adventure since he don’t have a boat

Tomasz Lasek
5 years ago

The whole set of xtras will go with me to the beach of Baltic Sea to find some shells and seaweed and continue Anton’s adventure, begun with where is Anton contest.

Stacy Phillips
5 years ago

Hmmm, I wonder what is in that oyster shell? A pearl? Some sand? Something even more extraordinary?!

David Rasmusson
5 years ago

As I finally finished my pet store modular building the parrot would move in there, and the rest would sit in a bag with my waterproof camera waiting for summer and a new try at getting some underwater photos. Third summer is a charm, right?

5 years ago

I’m sure my pirates are looking for some new accessories

Ian Cockayne
5 years ago

I think this little set has some great accessories for my classic Pirate minifigure that I rescued off a road many years ago and who travels with me whenever I am doing something #touristical; he would love to get his hands on that treasure chest whilst the parrot screeches, ‘Pieces of eight’…

5 years ago

So fun!!! I’m excited to add this to our stash, and use the pieces in a few builds, with one being items in a costume and props shop!

5 years ago

If I had a couple of these… I’d drop some minifigs into a glass dish of water and send the shark in after ’em… ;)

5 years ago

I think I need to buy some of these xtra for my skeletons :D

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