Ian Cockayne

Lego enthusiast, incidental photographer, repatriated Liverpudlian and Data and Analytics Implementation Consultant. When I am not collecting data, I am photographing LEGO spacemen.

Memories of the future

Memories, they are a funny old thing. Some are etched on our mind, ready to be recalled seemingly at will, like those once in a lifetime events, our favorite holiday or heady moments of our youth. Yet, there are so many things that we do every day that are inconsequential, which often we do not …

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From a Different Angle

If you asked me to choose between photographer or Lego enthusiast to describe myself, I would undoubtedly choose Lego enthusiast. Whilst my Instagram feed is packed with photos of Lego, my photographic skills amount to quickly snapping minifigs or MOCs to share with my followers and using filters to work their magic. I guess this …

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