In the Swedish forest

We continue our review of the series twenty CMF with @fubiken from the lands of the Vikings.

Into The Woods

The Viking had come here before, he knew the forest. He had met some of its inhabitants earlier. But this time he was not afraid. He walked on until he was eye to eye with the creature. Here he stopped and looked at the green dragon of the forest.

With him he had his new shield and spear. The shield had been painted with the colors of this tribe. His people who’d soon know of his greatness. He had promised them that he would show them the dragon, so he brought with him his best weapon there ever was…

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Allons-y! Or how to look forward.

I just came home from the SiPGoesParis toy safari. It has been days of walking, more walking and then some more walking. It turned out that everything in Paris is just ”ten minutes away” according to our fearless guide Ballou34.
But it was so worth it.
Have been shooting stormtroopers in front of the Eiffel Tower.
Taking images of my sigfig atop of the same tower.
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The Returner

Number One.

This was my fourth time going on a SiP Toy Safari.
The first time was in Vaxholm, Sweden.
I was so nervous meeting other toy photographers in real life, some whom I followed for a while on Instagram.
But I was thinking: this could be fun!

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