The Mt Clutchmore Winter Classic

I’m sure like me you were all glued to your TV sets this weekend watching the sporting event of the year, right?

What do you mean you’ve never heard of the Mt Clutchmore Winter Classic?! It’s the most incredible show of athleticism in LEGO City! I was lucky enough to be there this year and I even paid for my own ticket this time (last time I got one for free!).

Sponsored by xtra it is the world’s toughest triathlon competition. Forget swimming, cycling and running. No, the MCWC is a whole other level.

The range of sports in the MCWC is so broad. It would take something truly special to win the coveted Brickowski Cup this year!

Event one: Ice Hockey. Competitors took part in a 3-puck shoot-out versus one of the LHL’s finest goalies, Martin Brickeur.

Phil Brickery is a retired rugby player who has recently tried his hand at ice hockey. His ability to smash people certainly makes him suitable for the game, but would he have the speed and finesse to score in a shoot-out like this?
One of the great things about the Mt Clutchmore Winter Classic is how close the fans can get to the competitors. This little girl dreams of being a professional athlete and she promised Phil she would work hard and treasure his autograph. One day she’ll get to upgrade her roller skates to ice skates and then there’ll be no stopping her.

Next, cross-country skiing. A 10km dash all over Mt Clutchmore. Thick with vegetation and rocks at times this is more of an obstacle course than a race track!

Simen Hegsted Kragler was the reigning champion but would he be able to hold on with the competition hot on his skis?

Finally the archery. After getting the heart rate going in the previous events, you might think that archery would be the most gentle of the disciplines. But no, it’s the toughest test of mind and skill. Whoever held their nerve would surely be crowned champion.

Bricky Ellison was a champion marksman, and he was hoping to claw back some points in the archery after disappointing scores in the previous rounds. But would he get enough golds for gold?

After a full day of gruelling physical and mental battle the scores had been totted up and there could only be one winner…

It was ShtacyP of course! She swept the board in each event and took home the Brickowsi Cup. 2nd and 3rd place were gracious in defeat, and very much appreciated their bouquets of flowers!
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