Fame (I’m gonna live forever)

Do you remember her name? LEGO sure does, bringing us right back to the 80s with the Minifigures Series 17 Dance Instructor. Striped spandex pants, oversized shirt, sweatbands and poodle hair is straight out of the famed New York dance studio. Just hum the song and you’re right there.

Her first students were a Stormtrooper squad. They’re still busy practicing for their first public performance, and let’s just say their rhythm is as off as their aim. But they’re trying and the instructor has been very patient– Continue reading “Fame (I’m gonna live forever)”

Happy Birthday, Batman !

Looking at ourselves through another person’s eyes is a great way to find out who we really are.

And sometimes: we’re Batman.

I got rid of my document scanner long ago and instead use my camera when I need to digitize something off paper. Just rig it facing down from a tripod and photograph the document. I did that a few nights ago and having that setup plus I recently got a new Batman minifigure, I was inspired to recreate one of my favorite shots from the first Tim Burton Batman movie— Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Batman !”

Our friend Mr Gill

I don’t remember how I first got the rumor, sometime in early 2015, that Stockholm was getting a real LEGO store. I rejoiced at the prospect of a brand store experience instead of getting my sets off unloved mass market shelves in the back of Toy R Us:es or even more boring, online shops.
Then I saw an address and went there to find something I didn’t expect.
Someone was building a LEGO-only independent toy store! Continue reading “Our friend Mr Gill”

My 1st toy photo was a souvenir from Copenhagen

davirasm 1 of 5 castaways

Some say you never forget your first, so when Shelly asked me to write about my first LEGO photo I had it in my mind right away, but it had been a long time since I thought about it.

In 2009 I had been years since I’d bought any new LEGO. The LEGO I had was packed away sorted by set in boxes in my parents’ attic. So when I went for holiday in Copenhagen and walked past a toy store, a little LEGO set felt like a fun souvenir. Continue reading “My 1st toy photo was a souvenir from Copenhagen”

Let’s Do This Together

Hello reader. I’m David, writing to you from Stockholm, Sweden. I had the pleasure of spending my 29th of August with a wonderful group of talented artists at Stuck In Plastics’s #BalticToySafari and Shelly asked if I would share my experience with you.

There’s some backstory here I won’t go into now, about me the lonely photographer many years ago who recently found a new level of joy and creativity in collaborative artistry. The important part starts when I saw the open invitation to join a “photo safari” in Stockholm, my home town, and I signed up right away.

Months went by as I practiced and explored what I could do with LEGO in front of a camera, until the day finally came when I drove up to Waxholm and sat with Stefan from Malmö and my scout trooper on the docks, waiting for the others to wrap their morning shoot at the fortress.

2015-08-29 10.01.44

When they arrived it was quick introductions before Boris showed us around the little town on the kind of photowalk I’m used to hosting. It was great to have someone else lead and all I had to think about was to catch up after I’d stopped to shoot something. Though every time we stopped together we all found our own place to set up our toys. Of course we talked, compared toys and gear, but there was none of the creative collaboration I’d expected. I realized maybe we were all so used to doing this alone, and that’s how we were doing it again. Continue reading “Let’s Do This Together”