Twins (or look-a-likes) have something magical.

I grew up with Jansen and Janssen (Thomson and Thompson in English, Dupond et Dupont in French) in the TinTin adventures.
Of course, there are more.
From historical twins like Romulus and Remus, over the more fictional twins in literature (Wikipedia gives us a list of over 200 fictional twins) to the ever perpetually surprised explorers.

I like twins (or look-a-likes) as characters in my stories.
They have something magic I just cannot explain.
They are just that.
They add a flavor to an image I cannot explain, but I can warmly recommend exploring when you are looking at developing stories.
Let’s just call it the power of twins for now.
So when I went to Mr. Gill last week to say goodbye to a chapter in the plastic history of Stockholm and cheer on the next adventures of James Gill I could not resist in taking home with me the plastic spacemen that were screaming and waving at me from behind the counter.

Battered, used and dirty spacemen.
Spacemen with a history.
A history including this awesome little shop in Brännkyrkagatan 56 on Söder some of us will remember with fond memories and tell our grandchildren about.
A history that will continue.

Mr. Gill and Mr. Gilles will live on in my adventures, and may even become the protagonist of my little project here.

Time will tell.

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7 years ago

Lucky you for finding these two. Gotta love the classic spacemen…

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