A first impression

The new series collectible minifigures is upon us, and it is time to take a first look at what is inside the limegreen box of 71025. Sixty sealed bags with sixteen individual minifigures to collect. This box normally contains three full sets, but our box actually only contained two, but more on that later.

This series is really a mixed bag of characters and so without further ado we will dive in our first impressions of those 16 characters.

Jack, The Gamer.

The first one in the series listening to number one on the green leaflet is Jack, The Gamer. I know, LEGO does not name their minifigures, but this weekend the other @Jack got hacked, and this serious guy with green hair made me think of Jack.
A game controller is included, and will come in handy for any toy photographer down the line. Must have.

The Shower Guy

I will not name every character here. And the green rubber duck is truly the hero of this CMF number two bag. Another two faced printed head, with an amazing green duck and a towel. And I will let you discover what is under the towel :)
Most probably one of the favorites to collect, there are only three in each box. Pro tip when you are in the feeling game. The Shower Guy is sealed in an extra bag and you can feel that.
Must have.

The Lady Knight

I have to say I have mixed feelings about the Lady Knight. LEGO stopped to include hair pieces with helmet characters (I thought they did at one time, but I can be mistaken) and this character screams to have her helmet taken off, but misses a hair piece.

I wanted to use Hades’ blue piece, but I came to discover that one is sealed to Hades head, so I could not use it. I ended up borrowing Alice hairpiece to bring our Lady Knight to life.

The Lady Knight – Disclaimer: the headpiece is NOT included in the bag.

Every bag comes with two blue swords and two blue flames.
And while the print on the armour and shield is wonderful and the head piece is screaming to tell a story, it is not one in my top ten.
Nice to have.


Number Four and Eight both have something with the color red and the element fire, and so they accidently ended up in the same shoot.

Achtung, Achtung, ….

While the lady firefighter (beautiful helmet) tries to clear the area, a very confident ancient warrior walks the scene. While they both are nice additions to anyone’s collection, I did not jump up and down when seeing these two.
The headpiece of the female fire chief is beautiful. The head has two emotions, and there is the bullhorn with a double sided print.
The ancient warrior (some whisper it is a monkey king) comes with a beautiful V shaped cape, and a double scepter.
Nice to have.

Five, The Binary

Five, the Binary Coder.

Five is the coder of the gang. She comes equipped with a small bot (I guess?) and nice white LEGO laptop. I think it is a pitty the shirt has the neck piece like it is now. I do hope LEGO will in one of the upcoming series explore to print 360 and have the yellow go all the way to the headpiece.
And I love the headpiece.
Nice to have.

Did anyone decrypt the secret message on the T shirt?


Do you want to be trapped in a bag with a scorpion?

As soon as we opened the lime green bag a mummy jumped out. And then a scorpion. Be careful when you unwrap the plastic.
The hairpiece is a keeper.
And the print on the mummy is awesome.
If you are in to mummies then this one is a must have. I would rate it nice to have.



The star of this bag is the cameleon. While Johnny likes to travel and is all ready to get into the Amazon Rainforest to pave the way for number 8, the true star of this little bag is the green cameleon inside.
Must have. Just for the cameleon.


Bag number nine is packed with accessoires and in our box we only got two dog sitters. The package comes with two dogs included. The french bulldog with a fresh new look and a lovely dachshund. And two poopsies.

Let me clean that up …

Now, when I saw those poopsies, I had to think directly about the latest Friends set where Monica is eating a lovely chocolate cake. At closer inspection both cookies look slightly different. Both minifigures struggle with the connecting pants Natasja flagged earlier here, and we have seen this in previous minifigures, that seemless printing has still some room for improvement.

Chocolate cake, or poopsies.

With two dogs inside this package, and some delicious chocolate cakes this one is a must have. At least if you like dogs.



We have had this mold already for a long time. We had the watermelon man, and I thought we did had a pizza man before. The print on the tile is nice, but the pizza is not just my thing.
For me this is the least interesting character in the complete set.
OK to have.
And I see him meet Joey on the Friends set pretty soon.

The Hunt

Our set only contained two complete sets, as we only had two dog sitter bags and six bounty hunters instead.
And there mission is to hunt down the original classic minifigure.
In pieces.

Here is your brief, hunt me down the original yellow classic LEGO minifigure. Its time is up. It is time for the CMF to take over. You will get the description on your LEGO pad. And I will not accept failure …
And so the hunt begins …

Florida Lady

And so we reach character number twelve.
I love the purple hibiscus shirt and while the tiger pants may seem attractive to some, for me the main character of this bag is the AWESOME flamingo.
Must have.
Really Must have.

Pink Flamingo – one per bag

The Rugby Dude

With Brexit just around the corner including some real rugby players is a smart move. The headset is great, and the rugby ball has a great handle.
Must have if you are into sports.
Or politics.


Natasja likes to dress up as a fox when feeding the chicken. Disclaimer – Hairpiece NOT included. Only one hen per bag.

The fox is most probably the number one sought after character in this set, and yes, there are three in each box. I could not resist calling this one Natasja as a small tribute to Natasja. It goes without saying MUST HAVE.


Pride – Disclaimer – Hairpieces not included.

The surprise in this lime green box is for sure the rainbow panda. Living in Stockholm where we just finished Pride Festival a while back and the pride rainbow flag is flying everywhere, you cannot avoid the connection. This figure screams pride. And I am proud of LEGO taking this step.
The tribute to the pride flag is clear.
And when you look at the head of this little minifig, you see a very gender neutral face. This can be a boy, a girl, or anyone in the human species, including the LGBT community.
This panda is going places.
Must have.


Number sixteen is an amazing biker who is not afraid of some ruff terrain.
Very easy to spot in the sealed bag, and a great bike for the collection.
Same with the hair piece.
Must have.

Jumping to Conclusions

It is a very early days to jump to conclusions, but I love this series.
The diversity and the huge amount of accessories makes this a set to collect and pick up a few bags, regardless if you are kid looking to play or a toy photographer to tell a story.


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4 years ago

I love so much the cameleon and the flamingo, so nice to look at!
And I’m definitively fond of the lady fox, I’m sure we will see some good pictures with her :)

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