Caterham Seven

The Caterham Seven is a super-lightweight sports car produced by Caterham Cars in the United Kingdom. It is based on the original Lotus Seven, a fun sports car sold in a do-it-yourself kit by Lotus  from 1957 to 1972.  A built-it-yourself car that was originally delivered without any assembly instructions to avoid the hefty tax on ready-to-run cars (it did include a disassembly instruction instead).  So when our favourite build-it-yourself plastic brick company asked if we wanted to test drive the new Caterham Seven R620 LEGO Edition,  we Woody jumped on the opportunity and volunteered to take this beauty for a test drive.

Great fun putting this kit together …

The do it yourself kit arrived in the high end black boxes we are used to when exploring the LEGO Ideas sets. It would have been a nice and crazy touch if the instruction manual would have been replaced with a disassembly manual, just like the original Lotus Seven in the sixties but instead we got a box with no stickers.
Thank You, LEGO !

Caterham Seven - 620RA kit without stickers.
Thank You !
Woody really enjoyed putting the Caterham Seven together.

Caterham Seven 620 R - LEGO Edition
An awesome engine with lipstick and leather whips …

A nice, simple build, with some fantastic little details (who would have though of putting a whip in the engine, or use lipstick to connect the exhaust) all screaming to take this beauty for a spin.

And that is what we did this afternoon !
Taking this beauty for a spin …

caterham seven in the swedish country side
The Caterham Seven is for sure Woodies new fun car !

The Caterham Seven is for sure Woodies new favorite car and you can expect some more road pictures from Woody in the weeks to come.

Boris & Crew.

PS.  The LEGO Caterham Seven was originally designed by Carl Greatix and is available  in the LEGO Shop if you want to get your own fun kit to drive around with.

PPS. If you are looking for a detailed review on the build experience of the Caterham Seven or want to know how many new pieces are in this set, we warmly recommend the Brothers Brick review here.

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Lizzi Standing
7 years ago

Fabulous photos (and nice to see you got your Woody!)

7 years ago

Great post… looks like a nice kit for the car aficionado! Love photos, Woody is awesome for this post.

7 years ago

Great post and awesome shots! Bravo!

7 years ago


Great shots man! Woody must be happy to drive his new car. Btw, Woody was really able to fit in nicely?

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