Chez Albert

Paris. The City of Light. The capital of France, the host of this years UEFA European Championship and the backdrop of tonights game between France and Iceland.

Paris, the City of Football, the Arts and the Haute Cuisine.

And it is said cuisine that made me visit Paris this time of the year, and more importantly that little restaurant in rue de la Brique, called Chez Albert. A five brick Parisian Restaurant in the Guide L. well worth a visit.

This Parisian Restaurant has been on my wishlist since it opened its doors in January 2014 and I knew I needed to get my hands on it before it was too late and would become an exclusive (read very expensive) item on the collectors market. Not just for the culinary or building experience, but for the visual images and shooting opportunities it triggered instantly in my mind when I saw the first pictures more than two years ago.

So, when StuckInPlastic got invited to the LEGO Fan Media Days in Billund a month ago (more on that in the coming weeks – stay tuned) and I spotted a pristine box of chocolates the Parisian Restaurant in the LEGO store in Billund, I knew I had to get it.

Chez Albert
Albert is getting the soup ready in the cuisine

I will not bore you with a detailed full technical review of the build and rather leave that to the real builders like this one from Huw over at Brickset (part one and two) but I can tell you the eye for detail in the restaurant is amazing and is on its own an inspiration for new and creative shoots I did not imagine yet which popped into my mind during the build …

Getting Ready ...
And the mains is game on …

The floor tiles, the romantic table lights inside the restaurant, the dumbster on the back, the bed on the first floor or the complete artist loft at the top. All exclusive, sticker free (yes, not one single piece of sticker can be found in this 5 brick restaurant and that is how I like it) genuine haute cuisine.

I am a happy camper I got my own little Chez Albert and if all goes well I will be able to share with you the shoot I had in mind from day one.

But first, France – Iceland in the Stade de France.

Football First ...
Maître Jacques is getting ready to serve some football …
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