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La Chiron

Billund, Friday 1st June, 9:31 AM
We find ourselves in the LEGO House where the crew of Bugatti and LEGO are in the midst of revealing the latest masterpiece. The new LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron. The inspiration for this plastic masterpiece is a mid-engined two-seater sports car developed and manufactured in Molsheim, France, by the French ultra-luxury supercar brand Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.
A powerhouse that goes from 0 to 400km/h and back in the blink of an eye (41.96 seconds to be precise).

Ready to interview

The Chiron made its first entry at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2016 and now the official LEGO version is being revealed here in Billund.
Two years after the epic Porsche.
A new classic.
And we are part of the experience.

Here in Billund.
Ready to ask our questions.

On stage.

LEGO CEO Niels B. Christiansen …

On stage we find Niels B. Christiansen, CEO of the LEGO Group saying:

“I am very excited about this new model. Our LEGO designers have done an amazing job capturing the details of this iconic Bugatti design. It truly stands as a testament that with LEGO bricks you can build anything you can imagine, and an example that with LEGO Technic, you can build for real. It’s a huge model that I can’t wait to start building myself…”

Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti.

Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. continuous the story …

“I am impressed at the precision and refinement with which our supercar has been translated into the LEGO world and I am sure that fans of both LEGO bricks and Bugatti will love this product.”


Woody interviewing Aurelien Rouffiange.

And while most media outlets are still awestruck by the words of these very fine men on stage and the epic build quality next to them, we find our reporter of the day sneaking out with a big brown box and getting ready for his own unboxing after interviewing Aurelien Rouffiange, the LEGO Technic designer of the Bugatti supercar.

The box Woody managed to get outside the LEGO House …
His LOGO of trust is on the outside of the box, and cannot wait to see what is inside …
Boxy, boxy, …

We find Woody, our resident car lover on top of the LEGO House, opening the box and taking the first peek at what is inside while Jessy takes a first look at the exclusive accessories that are coming along with this beauty. A weekend bag designed by Giorgi himself.

An overnight designer bag in the same color of the chairs. What more can a cowgirl wish on such a fine Friday morning …
Woody is ready to take a deep dive inside the box …

When Woody enters the magic world of the brown box, he is engulfed in a wonderful experience.

An unboxing experience of pure magic.
Amidst the traditions of the world of Bugatti, Woody follows the building instructions with great detail …

Awesome instructions into the wonderful world of Ettore Bugatti making this one of a kind build experience …
The transmission system is pure plastic magic. Left and right handed worm wheels alike.

Woody builds an engine, gear units, and corresponding transmission systems before getting it all wrapped up in the marriage of the full plastic monocoque and the rear-end with the engine comes together with the gearbox. A highlight of Technic precision and a most wonderful experience filled with traditions, craftsmanship, and anticipation.

But wait, what is that?

Woody is slightly surprised to find a sheet of stickers in such a high-end supercar, with a street price of 2.9M Euro. One could have gone for a few more printed pieces.

Moving on and leaving the stickiness for what it is, our car lover enjoys the engine and the sound of the pistons after the marriage is completed bodywork starts to take shape.

Sweet Sixteen

A powerful 8 liter, quad turbo W16 engine, or in layman terms a 16 cylinder pistons in a four-bank W configuration. A plastic masterpiece of engineering.
And before you knew it was time to get the wheels on and take the new ride out of the box …

The Donut

Outside on the blue stairs …
Getting ready to burn some rubber …
The sky is the limit …
And the streets of Billund the canvas of some beautiful burning donuts  …


If you like fast sports supercars, exclusive builds or LEGO Technic, this car is worth every penny. We warmly recommend you pick up a copy in your nearest Bugatti or LEGO store for the recommended retail price of 2.9 Million EUR  369.99 EUR (local variation may apply) and enjoy the complete experience.
Available as of today.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to The LEGO Group for making a LEGO Technic Bugatti available for our reporter of the day and inviting us to the press conference in the LEGO House downtown Billund, Denmark.

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5 years ago

Woody should definitely be attending more events like these! He was a great reporter of the day. Just hoping he returned the car and all its keys safely…

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