And Now: Sports

Meet Paul

In our review series for the new minifigures, we’ve made quite some new friends. One of them was Paul. You may remember him for The Karate Kid. Today, we’re going to meet the other Paul of this CMF 20 review. His IG account is @lego_men_explore.
Let him show us his views here:

The Great Goal

Years of practice. Countless hours of sweat, tears and aching muscles. Blocking out the memory of all the things you gave up to pursue your dream.
It all comes down to this. A chance to show the world your skills.
A chance to review one of the new Lego Series 20 minifigures for Stuck In Plastic!

I jumped at the opportunity to review the new Sports Girl minifigure from CMF Series 20. Whilst cute characters like the Llama Girl are particularly popular, it has always been the action-orientated figures that I prefer. The Rugby Player from series 19 was a particular favorite. It’s not even that I’m a big sports fan myself. I just love trying to recreate dynamic poses with the limited articulation of those little plastic limbs.

The Athlete

The Athlete
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In the Swedish forest

We continue our review of the series twenty CMF with @fubiken from the lands of the Vikings.

Into The Woods

The Viking had come here before, he knew the forest. He had met some of its inhabitants earlier. But this time he was not afraid. He walked on until he was eye to eye with the creature. Here he stopped and looked at the green dragon of the forest.

With him he had his new shield and spear. The shield had been painted with the colors of this tribe. His people who’d soon know of his greatness. He had promised them that he would show them the dragon, so he brought with him his best weapon there ever was…

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Celebrating On

Yes, we just can’t seem to be getting enough of the latest series of minifigures. The one that celebrates Ten Years of Collectible Minifigures.
We happily refilled our glasses, just in time to be raising them again as Carl shows us the next images of his. So, here’s to…


Hi, It’s Carl here for ’round 2′ and another set of the wonderful new Series 20 Collectable Minifigures.

The Viking

The Viking- wherever he may roam

The brilliant helmet, beard and shield are the highlights of this minifig but they’ve done a great job to mix a little menace in with a charming design. This guy looks right at home marching across the misty north of England (Sweden, France,… any misty place will do) looking for villages to raid!

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Going Back In Time

Meet Marcos

In this blog post Marcos gets to meet four of the latest minifigures. They all are special and dear to him. This is the story of how he connects with them:


If I could summarize my feeling for the four minifigs from the CMF20 series I got so far in one word, it would be Nostalgia. Maybe it’s just me, but the four of them bring back some sweet memories from a long-gone time, that was full of fun and with a very different view at life.

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Inside A Fish Tank

We met Daniel @stories_in_bricks before, when he took us to a medievel tournament to meet the Knight. Today he’ll share with us his adventures with and inside a fish tank.

The Natural Habitat

As soon as I saw the diver girl and the sea turtle, I had the idea to photograph them in their “natural environment” – under water. I could already see the image with my spiritual eye- but no fish tank. So I asked good friends of mine, whether I could use their aquarium and they agreed.

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Bring The Loot In


Here’s another study by Wendy. This time she shares with us her observations of a legendary conqueror who roams the seven seas. Are you ready? I said, ARE YOU READY?

Female Pirate

When I saw my third minifigure, I immediately knew what I was going to do with it. Pirates, water and boats are the perfect combination.

Ready for new adventures
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A Happy Man

Meet Martin

Martin a.k.a. @derbephep also got some bags from the CMF20 series to portrait for us. Let us have a look at his results and see whether he´s happy with the figures:

The Llama

Hello there. First of all I’d like to thank you for the great opportunity to present my favourite figures here. Thank you soooo much, StuckinPlastic crew!

First up, is there anyone who does NOT  like Llamas? Good. 

The Llama of the upcoming CMF20 is the next animal-suit figure. And what can i say? It’s awesome.

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Karate Master


Hello folks. Paul here.
This is my very first blog post for StuckInPlastic. And I was really happy to be asked to do one, along with the mini-figures I received.
Guess what, I was so chuffed when this little chap popped through the letterbox.
He was grunting and scuffling about in the jiffy bag.
I knew he needed releasing sharpish!

The present days are challenging for us all. And for all those that are still working through it ( including myself ) as this nasty bug sweeps the globe, I need balance in my life.
I need that escape in my life which takes me far far away from the pandemic. To me that is toy photography.

One of my all time favourite movies is The Karate Kid. It’s a story of courage, determination, hope and cheesy martial arts. This film inspired my first shot.

Karate Master’s balance is an art, honed within his mind and physical ability.

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