What If… Spiderman was the last hero?

The End

The worst has happened. After a long battle, we lost our hero, our defender.
After several beautiful words and eulogies, everybody left.
Peter Parker remains the last one standing, feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders. 

If only Pym would not have gone into the Quantum realm, the world would not have needed and lost so many heroes.

 Why did you go there? Why ?

The Wake Up

But Pym did go in search of his wife.
And now the world has changed.
And the dead do not always remain dead, not even heroes.

The Encounter

Peter knows this.
And he has been waiting.
Hoping that Rogers will rest in peace, but preparing in case the hero becomes a new villain.

Peter is ready …
But the captain is strong.
Stronger than before. Stronger than Peter anticipated.
And he is now driven with a different thirst.
 His hunger is too great. Peter Parker cannot defeat him alone. This was a battle he could not win. He knew he could not win. But he had to try one more time to save the world.
Sadly, alone he cannot.
The captain was too strong.
He took what he wanted and left the world without the last hero.

A New Day

As the sun rises once more, the world wakes.
Spiderman wakes.
No longer a hero, but a monster.
He was the last hero, but now the world has to find another way to survive.

Another Marvelous Story

Yet another marvelous story by our creative toy photographers that took on this creative challenge. Special thanks to Alicia Costalago Meruelo aka Taskera for sharing this spidery story with us.

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Ann Megacolormix
8 months ago

Such a bright story in the best traditions of horror films and comics!

I love how you change the time of the day simultaneously with the events – great way to show the characters’ transformations.

And of course, the final of the story is one of my favorite details – looks like the perfect “to be continued”! ;)

Congratulations, Alicia!

8 months ago

This is a great story Alicia! It catches me emotionaly not only by the story but by this fantastic pictures. :-)

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