What If… Wanda creates the Zombie Avengers

Wanda builds her Hex

Consumed by grief Wanda goes to Westview and builds her Hex shield, she has an idea but not a plan, yet… 

If you dont know what the hex is, than don’t worry, just read on and enjoy. And maybe watch some Wanda Vision later on

Monica investigates

SWORD (also known as Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Division) sends Monica to investigate. She can sense the shield is there and sends in a drone but it disappears, and she can’t get inside

Sword Operator Monica and her soon to be lost drone.

Zombie Cap 

Wanda uses her magic to resurrect Captain America. But wait, now he is a Zombie!

Is this the real Captain America?

White Vision joins SWORD

SWORD detects some unusual goings-on, and someone catches a glimpse of Captain America.   White Vision is sent to find a way in, strangely a small portal opens for him to enter… this is the chance for Wanda to bring him under her control

A portal in the hex. Anything is possible in toy photography it seems …

The March of the Zombies

Wanda struggles to control Zombie Cap and things get a little out of hand, he raises a zombie horde and marches out of Westview, but can they get through the Hex ?

Will the hex stop them?

The new Avengers

Wanda also manages to resurrect Iron Man and Black widow, and a dream comes true. She gets to form a new team of Avengers …
But hey, they are very different now!! 

The new Avengers …

Another Marvelous Story

Yes. Another marvelous story, this time by Carl Pullen in our Blue Carpet review.
We asked a few talented toy photographers to take their creative spin the latest CMF series of LEGO. If you haven’t read them all then do on and follow the blue carpet tag.

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