Superhero Downtime

Ever vigilant, the heroes of the city maintain a constant watch to keep its citizens safe. But even the toughest hero needs a little downtime every now and then. 

Seeking the calm and relaxation of nature, Falcon, Sam Wilson and The Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes head to the City Park. 

Tossing a coin …

Thinking of past escapades, Bucky takes a moment to toss a coin in the fountain for good luck. 

Hot Dogs On The House

Looking for something to eat, Sam heads over to the cart. Having seen the heroics of the Falcon before, the Hotdog Vendor is a big fan, and eagerly offers Sam a hotdog ‘on the house’. Nothing tastes better than free food. 

Frisbee Time

The heroes head further into the park. Having practiced with the shield before Sam and Bucky both know that it makes a great Frisbee. Even if Bucky sometimes takes it a bit too far. Fortunately, the Falcon wingsuit keeps Sam upright. 

Caught up in the game, the heroes haven’t yet noticed something, or someone, lurking in the undergrowth. 

Zombie Time

The park visitor sitting on the bench sees it first. With a startled shout, he jumps up and runs off. The Zombie claws its way through the vegetation, bursting into the open with a guttural roar. 

But it doesn’t chase after the visitor, instead, it looks around and lunges towards the heroes. 

A Battle is about to start …

Sam and Bucky have fought villainy in many different forms before, but this Zombie Captain America is a tough opponent. 

Clawing and grabbing, the Zombie focuses on Bucky and doesn’t pay any attention to Sam. It wrestles with Bucky but strangely doesn’t seem interested in hurting him.

Zombie Frisbee Time

It turns out that the Zombie is only interested in a shiny new shield after all!

Editors Note

We continue our creative reviews of the blue carpet series, and this time it was Mike who took us back into lazy Saturdays in the Park. Thanks for sharing with us what superheroes do on their day off.

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