A Date Gone Wrong

An invitation received

One evening Loki Laufeyson received a message from Sylvie to meet for drinks.
Loki swelled with excitement!

He wanted to look his very best but could not settle on the right outfit for the evening.
He thought to himself:

Maybe Asgardian leather, oh yeah! The Horns!!
No no, too much
Perhaps something a bit more heroic, patriotic…
No! No costumes! Just hair back
And flowers!
Everyone loves flowers!”

An unexpected sight

But when he arrived he saw a sight he had not anticipated.
The horrifying sight of his Sylvie with this other Loki!
Not even a human Loki!

Then Sylvie spoke:

“Ohh… heyyy Loki, I can totally explain this!
Well, not really, but you see, I tried to message you back after you responded…
I messaged the wrong Loki…
…awkward, isn’t it?”

The novella

The Lokis stared at one another in disbelief that such an unexpected love triangle had formed.
Little did any of them realize that Throg was staring longingly forward as well.

Perhaps a love square?
Where shall this novella go next?

Another Toy Photographer. Another Story

As part of our blue carpet series, we invited toy photographers young and old around the world to join us in this creative review of the latest Marvel series and Sunti took us on a date gone wrong.

New Wings, New Dangers

We continue our creative reviews of the blue carpet series, and this week Ann takes us straight back into the action-packed docks of Madripoor.

First Day at the Job

Sam Wilson’s first day in his role as a new Captain America was packed with unexpected events. While checking out the old strategic points of the defeated enemies with Bucky Barnes. our heroes detected some shadowy signal from Madripoor. It couldn’t be given by a friend, there was no doubt about it…

Intrigued, Sam and Bucky traveled to the dark archipelago again. 

The docks of Maripoor
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What If… Wanda creates the Zombie Avengers

Wanda builds her Hex

Consumed by grief Wanda goes to Westview and builds her Hex shield, she has an idea but not a plan, yet… 

If you dont know what the hex is, than don’t worry, just read on and enjoy. And maybe watch some Wanda Vision later on
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What If… Spiderman was the last hero?

The End

The worst has happened. After a long battle, we lost our hero, our defender.
After several beautiful words and eulogies, everybody left.
Peter Parker remains the last one standing, feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders. 

If only Pym would not have gone into the Quantum realm, the world would not have needed and lost so many heroes.

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A Girls’ Day Out

You may remember.
A few weeks ago we at Stuck in Plastic had a VIP seat on The Blue Carpet.
We got to see the new Marvel Superheroes show off in front of the camera provided by our dear friends over at The LEGO Group. We decided that we also wanted to share the excitement with our new friends. So, we reached out on our Discord Chat Channel and asked a few lucky heroes and heroines to accept The Blue Carpet Marvellous challenge.
And they did.
So we ended up shipping a full box of Marvelness around the world, and this is what our heroines came up with.

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The Blue Carpet

Today at 15:00 Billund Time the RLFM media got invited to the blue carpet unboxing event of the brand new MARVEL STUDIOS Minifigures. And of course, we also tried to get a little spot at the table. The heroes were so excited to finally officially get out of their bags and talk to the Big Boys like Brothers Brick, The Rambling Brick, Brickset, and New Elementary that a little bit of chaos erupted on the blue carpet.

Our local SiP presser nonetheless got his camera out and tried to catch a glance of our heroes and heroines before they ran off to their respective press meetings.

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