A Girls’ Day Out

You may remember.
A few weeks ago we at Stuck in Plastic had a VIP seat on The Blue Carpet.
We got to see the new Marvel Superheroes show off in front of the camera provided by our dear friends over at The LEGO Group. We decided that we also wanted to share the excitement with our new friends. So, we reached out on our Discord Chat Channel and asked a few lucky heroes and heroines to accept The Blue Carpet Marvellous challenge.
And they did.
So we ended up shipping a full box of Marvelness around the world, and this is what our heroines came up with.

First up we introduce AliceBrickland and her Girls’ day out

Right — even Superheroes need a break sometimes.
And Scarlet Witch, Monica, Sylvie, Captain Carter, and Gamora decided to take a trip to Harry Potter’s film set Diagon Alley.
A day full of nerdy fun, magical adventures, and tasty sweets.

But first things first.
No girls’ day can start without the compulsory group picture.
Yet, Gamora hates it…

A compulsory girlie group photo

On Set

Cheerful and excited, the girls enter the magical hurly-burly of Diagon Alley and stroll open-mouthed through the real-looking street with all its little shops, dressed-up wizards, and delicious smells. 

“Let’s go to Ollivanders Wand Shop!”

Scarlet Witch suggests.
Inside she found her perfectly matching wand within seconds.
To the amusement of the others Voldemort’s wand it is!
Maybe that’s why Scarlet Witch acts a little disrespectful?

What is up Next

Next, the heroes want to test their flying skills. While the others admire the different brooms, Captain Carter is kind of bored.
Sure she will be faster on her own shield.

“I accept this challenge!”

Gamora laughs.
And so the two of them compared themselves in a little air race.
What is your guess: who won?

Broom vs Shield

After the exciting race, the girls need to cool down and take a break.

Sweets it is.

So they went for delicious ice cream.
It seems that Alligator Loki loves gelato too.
Maybe even a little too much.
Out of sheer greed, he bit Sylvie on her hand and her chocolate ice cream fell down on the floor.
Luckily her hand isn’t badly hurt!

I Scream or was it Ice cream

Strengthened, the friends visit Scribbulus Writing Implements and the bookseller Flourish and Blotts to buy some souvenirs. Sweets in huge quantities can’t hurt either so they stock themselves up at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. And of course one or the other might have exaggerated …

As a grand finale of a great day, Monica wished for a nerdy fan snapshot with a Hagrid double.

A fan shot :)

Pleased from the fun day the girls start their way home and agree that regular excursions will now become an annual tradition.

And so our marvelous girls end their visit to Diagon Alley.

Have you any suggestions on what the girls could visit next?
Maybe a stop at the Xmas village?
Or take that Fender out for a concert.
Write it down in the comments below and get Astrid inspired to shoot her next adventure.

Thank you, Alice

Thank you Alice for these wonderful photographs and storyline.
We enjoyed reading your girls’ day out and can’t wait to see what you come up next.
If you dont follow Alice on IG, we can really recommend to tag along and explore her journey and her Kingdom of Elandria.

Now, who will be next?

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Ann Megacolormix
2 years ago

Wonderful work, Alice!
I really love your colorful story, matching each heroine’s personality traits. The atmosphere of joy and friendly humor are combined in such a fun way.
This project is amazing !
Congratulations, Alice! :)

Suné Horn
Suné Horn
2 years ago

What an entertaining story and beautiful pictures! Well done Alice.

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