Singapore Skyline

Stefan and Scott got the opportunity to get on a little virtual trip and take a closer look at the Singapore Skyline in the Architecture set listening to the number 21507

This architecture set consists of 827 pieces and is aimed at the 18+ crowd.  This is the most pieces of any city skyline set to date. The build measures an impressive 29 cm wide, 9 cm deep, and 17 cm tall.

The build is solid with SNOT techniques throughout and a number of printed tiles and bricks that add convincing detail. 

The set highlights Singapore’s diverse architecture and features the Marina Bay Sands resort, the Brutalist-styled OCBC Centre, the towering One Raffles Place, the historical Boat Quay, the neoclassical Fullerton Hotel, the Victorian Lan Pa Sat market, and the iconic Gardens by the Bay Supertrees.  

The overall impression is lush and colourful!

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Heavy-Duty Tow Truck

When the call came in over the trucker radio station, actually it was over our Discord chat channel. But we thought it sounded cool to get into the zone as a trucker. Our dear friends over at The LEGO Group have provided us with the LEGO Technic Heavy-Duty Tow Truck #42128. We asked Bev and Astrid to take the truck out for a days work. Bev based in the United Kingdom and Astrid onboard in Germany. And this was the highlights of their day.

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The Great Reunion

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there were various heroes and heroines living in one big society. Time had brought them together and they were about to embark on a journey of discovery. There were energetic and peaceful, charming vibes amongst the society and it seemed to be always there.

Alexandre sails into a mystery

The Mysterious Boat

Then, one day, while working in the watchtower, Chumatembo saw a mysterious boat had somehow docked in on the shoreside of the island, and reported to Maximus about this unidentified boat.

Mike is on lookout with Chumatembo
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What If… Wanda creates the Zombie Avengers

Wanda builds her Hex

Consumed by grief Wanda goes to Westview and builds her Hex shield, she has an idea but not a plan, yet… 

If you dont know what the hex is, than don’t worry, just read on and enjoy. And maybe watch some Wanda Vision later on
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What If… Spiderman was the last hero?

The End

The worst has happened. After a long battle, we lost our hero, our defender.
After several beautiful words and eulogies, everybody left.
Peter Parker remains the last one standing, feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders. 

If only Pym would not have gone into the Quantum realm, the world would not have needed and lost so many heroes.

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La Catrina | Remembering the departed

2021 marks the fifth year since the LEGO Brickheadz theme began.  During that time, these buildable collectibles have been released as a wide range of lovable characters ranging from heroes from your favorite hit movie franchise through to household pets and models celebrating occasions from around the world, including a bride and groom, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, and Chinese New Year Pandas. So, when the call came for volunteers to review some new as yet unseen Brickheadz, I stepped up for a challenge, because not only had I never built a Brickhead before, let alone photographed one, but also the theme of the set could be literally anything.

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