The Mini

I was really excited when I received the email from SiP asking for some helping out on a creative project. And what a project. The opportunity to shoot this iconic car. I even woke up that night thinking about potential locations that would fit for this amazing set.

The comfort zone ...

There were a few go-to outdoor spots that I had used before, but I decided that I needed to test myself and step out of my comfort zone to come up with something new. Something original. Since it was mid-September and heading into autumn, I immediately thought of the color palette that nature would supply at this time of year. Colors complementing the racing green of the classic Mini. Images of the car, speeding along a country lane with leaves falling all around under autumn’s golden sun, started to emerge. I was all ready.

Out and about … the Mini well packed.

Scouting …

A couple of days later and I was still raring to go, but no set. Anticipation growing. It was a beautiful autumn day so I headed out on my bike to scout some locations; this is my number one way to get around without missing out on off-road locations. I also took a few Lego minifigure companions along as test subjects. I found a beautiful tree-lined, cobblestoned lane that was the perfect setting for the Mini. Using a wide aperture would hopefully capture the essence of the location, but not distracting too much from the subject. I was ready.

Rain …

A couple of days later, the Mini arrived and after a relaxing evening building and applying stickers, I was eager to head out to my newly scouted locations. However, now a week later, I was still having to wait as the weather had taken a turn for the worse; grey skies and dreary rain awaited me every day.

The Golden Hour …

Eventually, one afternoon, the sun broke through the clouds. I rushed out with my camera and the Mini and I set to work. Over the next few days, I managed to get out and shoot in the evening golden hour and took plenty of shots with the sun behind the car. I also used a large reflector to fill and catch the natural colors rather than using a flash. Since it was autumn, I also had to face the challenge of leaf litter as if it was caught on camera, it would ruin the scale of the shot. This was a particular problem on very windy days.

The Golden Hour …
Bouncing the sun …

Are you feeling ok ?

Ultimately, I had a great time trying to shoot this charming set. Lying flat on footpaths and roads to get those low angle shots presented the usual issues, with members of the general public often stopping and asking what I was up to, but always offering positive comments.

Are you feeling OK ?

The Mini was a challenge that really got me thinking, excited to get out and shoot, and eager to make the most of the season’s natural beauty.

I can’t wait for the next.


The Mini

For Your Eyes Only

Some time ago Stuck In Plastic contacted me asking: “We are looking for a creative photographer to join us in a creative challenge…”  It turned out that LEGO was looking to get some of its iconic cars shot by creative toy photographers. Did  I accept the mission? Of course I did. 

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A pro photographers ‘life through a lens’ featuring #bevvypix #beverleythomasphotography.
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FourBricksTall goes VW Camper

As a LEGO minifig photographer, I knew going from shooting something four-bricks-tall to shooting the VW Camper was going to be a pretty different experience for me.

I switched out my prime macro to a mid telephoto zoom lens and relieved my bag of the tripod. Already everything was feeling lighter including my mood too, as I thought about all the locations I could shoot in that I had previously deemed inappropriate for my minifigs because of scale.

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LEGO photographer and admin of the FBT Forum

Meet Thomas

Another week, another Friday, another Feature Friday #SiPgoes52 interview around a virtual cup of coffee. Today it’s Thomas Thoresen from Denmark joining us.

Meet Thomas

My name is Thomas, and I am proud to be as old as the minifigure! Being the father of three wonderful kids, I am rarely wondering what to do with my time. I am a teacher of children between the ages of 6 and 12. My job is very fulfilling but also demanding, and when I come home, I like to do something completely different.

I do enjoy spending time alone without too much digital pollution, and after having avoided social media for several years, I eventually joined Instagram in late 2016. I wanted to begin taking photos because I enjoy beauty, solitude, and silence. At that point, I had not considered taking photos of toys.

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Stuck In Plastic.

The creative collective of toy photographers.

Bringing back the Magic of Harry Potter

Bringing back the Magic

Seeing all the new Harry Potter minifigures and sets coming out right now and in the near future has taken me back to my youth when I first started reading the Harry Potter books. I remember getting so caught up in the first book and even as a kid I could not put it down. It was so magical! Continue reading “Bringing back the Magic of Harry Potter”

Beverley goes Harry Potter

A little review.

Last week Stuck in plastic sent me the LEGO figures that I won runner-up up in a little competition.   In the package, there were also a few goodies and 2 sealed bags of the Harry Potter/ Fantastic Beast minifigures.  From the looks of the packet, they are a limited edition and there is 22 to collect.  Upon opening the packs and reading the leaflet, I found out there are 16 Harry Potter and 6 Fantastic Beasts minifigures in total.  And I just got have two characters from Harry Potter.

The Package

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A pro photographers ‘life through a lens’ featuring #bevvypix #beverleythomasphotography.
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Self-development during toy safari

It is so personal and yet I want to share it. My first safari was so magical and awesome, I couldn’t have imagined it better. The awesomeness took me by surprise. Although I read all the posts about past safaris and how amazing they were, I was still not prepared for the reality of it.

For the first time in my life seeing other people posing toys in front of a camera, talking about toys, talking about other toy photographers that I only follow on Instagram… It made everything that I only knew online so real. Continue reading “Self-development during toy safari”

Having fun with little pieces of plastic in Czech republic. So far, my dog haven’t eaten a single Lego piece. And I haven’t stepped on one.


Allons-y! Or how to look forward.

I just came home from the SiPGoesParis toy safari. It has been days of walking, more walking and then some more walking. It turned out that everything in Paris is just ”ten minutes away” according to our fearless guide Ballou34.
But it was so worth it.
Have been shooting stormtroopers in front of the Eiffel Tower.
Taking images of my sigfig atop of the same tower.
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Stefan, Fubiken, Malmö, Sweden.
Using Canon 6D Mark II and iPhone to shoot my favorite toys.
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Post Safari Blues

Can you relate?

Do you know that certain feeling you get after a toy safari?
This emptiness?
The bleakness?
Or annoyance?
Weirdness maybe?
This feeling of being out of place?
Like you woke up from a dream and you don’t know what’s happening?
Being all over the place and nowhere at the same time?
This cold inside?
Exhaustion? Continue reading “Post Safari Blues”

Having fun with little pieces of plastic in Czech republic. So far, my dog haven’t eaten a single Lego piece. And I haven’t stepped on one.