Suné Horn

Art Curator of the SiP goes Korea exhibition. Architect from South Africa teaching English in South Korea. Pursuing all kinds of other creative endeavors.

TGIF – Smurfs

The card for this week is J (or Kn, V, or B) of diamonds which gets us Smurfs. So far, we’ve photographed Playmobil and Barbie as part of the “Toys” series. This week we will focus on those little blue characters called Smurfs. A little background: The Smurfs (French: Les Schtroumpfs; Dutch: De Smurfen) is …

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TGIF – Comic Book

The card for week 34 is 5 of comic book (noun) – a magazine that presents a serialized story in the form of a comic strip, typically featuring the adventures of a superhero. ”…typically featuring the adventures of a superhero.” Your story does NOT have to feature a superhero. It’s your comic and your story. …

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TGIF – Spaceship

The card for this week is 10 of If you haven’t heard already, aliens are real. Well… according to a whistle-blower the US has been “covering up alien life” for decades. You might have missed the news because, you know, you’re busy trying to get back to “normal” after a pandemic, trying to survive in …

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TGIF – Actor

Time to focus on some famous individuals. In March we looked at some influential scientists (real and fictional). This week, we’re going to focus on famous actors. Though some might argue that they don’t contribute as much as scientists, they are definitely a very important part of society. Actors are crucial to bring stories and …

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TGIF – Water

We’ve made it to week 31 The theme for this week is ‘water’. The task: create an image showcasing or utilizing the element of water. If you find yourself in the northern hemisphere and in the mists of summer, then you might appreciate the opportunity (excuse) to experiment (play) with water. If you’re currently residing …

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TGIF23 – Africa

The SiPgoesTGIF theme for this weekend’s photography challenge is: Africa Africa, home of the lesser flamingo. These magnificent birds are known to congregate at lakes in Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa. When they gather during peak breeding season, their numbers can reach millions transforming the lakes into a breathtaking spectacle of pink. Not what you …

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Take Your Time

Week two of Twenty Two is here and chances are that some of us have already dropped a few of the resolutions we made at the New Year’s party. No worries. This theme for this week is on staying focused despite what is happening around you. How do we translate this into photography? Suné HornArt …

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Previsualizing 2022

We’re already a week into the new year and oh boy, do we have a lot of exciting things planned this year. The #SiPgoesTGIF challenges continue this year and this is the first in a series of posts by me, Suné, SiP resident curator and fellow toy photography enthusiast. In the SiP Summer Workshop 2021, …

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