Take Your Time

Week two of Twenty Two is here and chances are that some of us have already dropped a few of the resolutions we made at the New Year’s party. No worries. This theme for this week is on staying focused despite what is happening around you. How do we translate this into photography?

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Previsualizing 2022

We’re already a week into the new year and oh boy, do we have a lot of exciting things planned this year. The #SiPgoesTGIF challenges continue this year and this is the first in a series of posts by me, Suné, SiP resident curator and fellow toy photography enthusiast.

In the SiP Summer Workshop 2021, participants were encouraged to make previs (short for previsualization, aka “previz”). I found it to be a very useful skill to add to my toy photography repertoire. It not only helps with planning the shot but also with making the image in your head a reality.

A personal touch: Janee set a goal of incorporating hand-made elements into her scenes.
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SiP Summer Workshop 2021: Never a Dull Moment

The Stuck in Plastic workshops always promises to be exciting, but I was not anticipating how much of an adventure the SiPSummerWorkshop2021 would be.

The mystery package

Having participated in the SiPSpringWorkshop2021 workshop, I had a better idea of what to expect leading up to the workshop; keep an eye on the blog for details, complete the sign-up process, and then wait for your mystery package to arrive. Or so I thought. The packages failed to show up – in Korea and on the tracking website. PostNord had lost track of our packages (@Legitbricks_ and mine). To be fair, the world is going through a pandemic, so no hard feelings.

The mystery package is nowhere to be found
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Looking Back

Last weekend I had the good fortune to participate in the Stuck In Plastic Spring Toy Photography Workshop.
They usually host real live toy photography safaris, but because of the pandemic, this isn’t possible. And this virtual meet-up was definitely not lacking in fun.
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SiP conquers Korea

Getting Ready

At about 3 o’clock on Saturday, November 17, Haesook Kim and I started setting up snacks and drinks for the opening party of the Stuck in Plastic – A Toy Photography Exhibition. The exhibition already opened the day before. Yet we were having the party on Saturday so that more people could attend. Everything had to be ready by 4 o’clock.  At 4:01 we expected the first guests and at 4:30 we would start a live-stream with Boris, Stefan, Julien, Maëlick, and Karine.

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